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What-Wrong“Our childhood experiences form the basis of our adult lives. Did it help or hurt? Let’s revisit, release and become deliberate creators.”  ~Cathy Brown

Last week I asked you to spend some time deciding what “Having It All” means to you. Now that you know what you want, why don’t you have it yet? WHAT’S WRONG? We all born open, allowing and totally unlimited in what we could create. We were Deliberate Creators! However, somewhere along the way we changed and became less connected to ourselves and more interested in pleasing others.

In early childhood we are totally dependent on our parents/caregivers and will do anything to make them happy, so we get our needs met. When we are good, we get a hug or approval and that’s what we want right? But…and this is a big but… can we make somebody else happy? No, we know that now, we can only make ourselves happy! Unfortunately, we didn’t know that as children, so we changed our focus from ourselves to pleasing others. We came to believe that if we couldn’t always make our parents/caregivers/friends/boyfriends/girl friends happy – something must be wrong with us…and so it begins.

As we grew older these “perceived” inadequacies increased And our self worth decreased. As Christy Whiman says “If left unchecked, these decisions made long ago…newcomer our present beliefs and operating system we use to create our future. Everything we perceive, interpret, create and experience as our reality is filtered through what we believe is and is not possible.” If we don’t believe we deserve or can have something we will be able to manifest it. Our beliefs influence our focus, our thoughts our vibrations and our energy.

Do you believe, truly believe, you can earn $100,000? Did someone important to you in your past ever tell you would never amount to much? Did you get the impression that if you excelled too much – you might you’re your boyfriend/girlfriend or you would not be popular? Could these feelings still be with you?

Please spend some time this week thinking back to why you may have a belief of lack rather than abundance. When you discover the origin…look at it. How old were you and does this belief still work for you now that you are an adult? Have you outgrown this belief? Does this outdated belief hurt you by limiting you now? If so…breathe deeply several times and focus on releasing these limiting and no longer needed beliefs. Exchange these “negative” beliefs for new, positive, abundant, loving and joyful beliefs. You can manifest whatever you want by releasing old and limiting beliefs.

“Every time you untangle and release a limiting belief, you expand your energy field to allow in more of what you really want.”

Christy Whitman – “The Art of Having It All”


I release the past unhealthy beliefs and create my present and future exactly as I want

I am abundant and expanding daily

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