What brings You Joy?

December 22, 2016 by

“To experience joy is to know that the universe is friendly and that it is always working for and with you” ~ Christy Whitman

I wish you a wonderful holiday filled with love and light to be shared with your family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and support you have shown “Happy Thoughts” over the past several years. My weekly newsletter has become a labor of love and brings me such happiness knowing that it brings joy to you all.  Thank you.

What better time than during the holiday season to talk about “Joy”.  What does joy mean to you?

Imagine 2 paths in front of you.  The 1st path is light and beautiful.  You know where you are.  You feel free, joyful, living the life you desire.  The 2nd path is dark, lonely, hard, and full of struggle and pain.  Which one would you choose?  A no-brainer, right?  Well, we choose our paths with the thoughts, perceptions and attitudes we exhibit.  When we choose, we create momentum and we are off.

What if our thoughts and vibrations have us headed down the wrong path?  It’s like driving a car, if we find ourselves headed the wrong way – we need to slow down, stop, and turn around. 

Here are some tips to help you “turn around” and get back on the right “path” for you to create joy.

  1. 1. Appreciate the wonderful qualities in yourself.  What do you like?  Your sense of humor?  Your strength?
  2. 2. List 3 things you appreciate about your life that you actually created.  What is it for you?  Your family?  Your business?  What have you created that you can appreciate NOW?
  3. 3. List 3 things that are going really well in your life right now.  Maybe your health, career, relationships?   These don’t have to be material things…how about peace or independence?  List whatever feels food for you NOW.
  4. 4. Think of a close friend or loved one.  Acknowledge several good qualities or aspects of that person; qualities that you admire and appreciate. Tell these things to that person next time you see them.
  5. 5. Notice how good you feel as you acknowledge and appreciate all that is good in your life.

As you appreciate with gratitude you are sounding your soul’s note of joy.  This in turn brings in more joy to you and to the world.
A joy filled game to play at your holiday gatherings is to go around the room and share something you appreciate about the person on your right.  Tell them and follow it with a hug. I love hugs.  It is nearly impossible to hug someone without feeling joy and happiness.

Happy and Joyful Holidays, Everyone!

“I believe happiness and joy are my responsibility – my birthright.” ~ Mac Anderson


I focus on my light, beautiful and joyful path

I truly appreciate myself, family and friends


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