What Will You Manifest in 2015?

January 1, 2015 by

What Will You Manifest in 2015

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind”.

Happy New Year 2015!!!

New Year’s Day is the time I sit down and review the past 12 months-all that I have brought into my life in 2014. What were my successes? What did I accomplish? Did I live my dream? Or…did I move closer to it? And…did I have fun along the way? What feedback did I receive? (Remember there are no failures only feedback). How did I react to my life challenges? Am I moving in the right direction? Am I growing stronger in my faith and intention?

As I am taking stock of my life in 2014, I move my attention to what’s coming in 2015. What do I want to manifest? How do I desire to “tweak” my dreams? Every year I write down my top 3 priorities in detail (losing a few more pounds is always on the list, right?) I start forming my goal list mentally a few weeks before the end of the year.

I find a little quiet time on January 1st or 2nd and write down my next year’s goals and then meditate on them for a few minutes. Always write them down as it adds importance to them – they become “engraved in stone” so to speak. You can either post your goal sheet in a place you will often see it – or write affirmations about them to be recited in the mornings while getting dressed and again at bedtime, just before going to sleep. Focus your thoughts and intentions on your new goals – and release them to the Universe. Allow the Law of Attraction to take over. Stay positive and Allow…your Mantra for 2015.

“Confident, successful, powerful – you are driven to make a difference. You are driven to contribute. You are driven to achieve at the highest levels. You have a cause to fight and a compelling drive to step up.”
~Rich Litvin

I am staying positive and allowing the Universe to bring me my dreams.
I am becoming successful and filled with joy this year.

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