What is Your Purpose?

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got-popuse“The purpose of life is to be happy, by loving, giving, and forgiving.” ~Debasish Mridha

Why are we here? What is life all about? What’s the big picture? Ever thought about that? Well I have and Christy Whitman has as well. She devoted one of her “Magnetic Monday” videos to these age-old questions.

It made me rethink that question once again as I had several years ago when everything in my life changed. It was like a tornado was coming and its direct target was Cathy Brown. Ever felt that way? It pretty much levels whatever it hits, and cleans it all out, so you need to start over, rethink, rebuild, and refresh…maybe even change the direction of your life. I’m referring to my 2 back surgeries and moving into coaching.

Rick Warren, describes this process in his bestselling book, “A Purpose Driven Life” as the 3 stages of purpose.

Stage 1-Survival Every day is “can’t wait for it to be over” feeling, life is drudgery, can’t wait for the weekend. Is it time to go to bed yet? There is overwhelming struggle…maybe financially or relationship-wise…it is very painful. This is the survival mode. This is how I felt during the last few months at my last job as Director of Career Services at a local college…preceding my back surgeries.

Stage 2 – Success You feel great, manifesting what you want. Yea boy!…you have arrived. You feel successful as a deliberate creator, you can manifest everything you want. TOTAL SUCCESS….but is there something beyond that? What’s next. Just to manifest…is that why we are here?

Stage 3 – Significance Big, heavy question…significance…what is my purpose? Why am I here? All those ”meaning of life” thoughts ,that once we have the “stuff”, we sometimes start to look in this direction. Having the “stuff” or maybe having the “gray” start to appear in our hair (Thank God…one of my daughters is a hair stylist…) that song may start playing in our heads “Is that all there is?”

Think about this…if God or the Universe gave us– laid out the whole plan of our life, gave us our purpose, it would completely blow our minds. Our conscious mind could not hold it all. When we are growing and expanding we don’t need to know the whole entire picture…our entire purpose. Instead as Rick Warren says…”We always know what our purpose is by what we have in front of us.”

What is your life like today? What do you have in front of you today? As I was writing this week’s “Happy Thoughts”, I got a call from one of my daughter’s who was really concerned by the actions of one of her children (I’ll withheld the name to protect the “guilty”). As we talked, and she explained the situation, together we took a few deep breaths and were able to see through the drama – down to the challenge. I was able to share calming vibrations. So today, maybe that was my purpose …to be there for my children.

When I am just hanging out watching TV and Lexi and Leo (my collies) are next to me on the couch, and I can feel their connection, the unconditional love being exchanged…maybe for that time…that is my purpose…the experience of sharing unconditional love.

When I am coaching and I feel a shift in my client’s energy or perspective, moving toward a brighter, more joyful future, maybe that is my purpose for that space of time – helping others.

For me this is a wonderful, peaceful feeling – that everything that is showing up in my life right now, whether it is an opportunity to help somebody with a challenge, shift direction, share unconditional love or just laugh and hang out with my furry buddies…that is my purpose at that moment. It brings meaning to my life.

So…I invite you to take Rick Warren’s advice…”Stop worrying about the huge question of what is my propose in life and concentrate on what is right in front of you…for that is your purpose for today”.

Look at your day in terms of segments. For example: at work – work is your purpose; when you come home- your family, your pets, yourself – that is your purpose.

How do you show up as the best version of you – giving the best that you can – that is your purpose at that moment.   At any time during your day…how do you show up? Who are the people you serve (at work), the people you love (at home)? In that moment…that is your purpose. You are already living a purpose filled life – it’s all about how you show up.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly, and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

I focus on what is right in front of me…that is my current life purpose.
I show up being the best I can be.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us, Kathy. When I read this one today it dawned that all the struggles with getting my assignments in, becoming more aware of the times I need to turn to the positive, and my turning to others for help have been shaping my life a day at a time. One of the many tools that I find helpful is to ask myself once again WHY I am doing all this. What a motivational factor that is for me! The shift in my vibration is felt immediately. After reading your sharing today, I smiled, even giggled. I am finding my true self, as well as the delight of the flow I wanted when I first began my journey into the world of QSCA. I have miles to go before certification, but just staying in the now is gradually revealing the purpose of my life each day, and settles my soul. Peace, joy, gratitude and love cannot be beat!!! Thanks for being a part of my journey.

    • WoW…what a great realization you just had. Thank you so much for sharing. You are so right staying in the NOW is so important. I work on that one constantly.

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