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What-is-the-Difference“The word vision can be defined as the ability to think about the future with wisdom or imagination.”


So many people use goals and vision interchangeably. Is there a difference? Oh yeah…big time difference! I totally agree with my mentor and friend Christy Whitman as she describes the difference between vision and goals. They are different (sometimes alike) but need to work together to find success.

A vision is a picture in your mind. Let’s picture a vacation you want to plan. Do you want to go to the beach, to the mountains…a vision or picture shows up, right? For that “vision or picture” to come to life, from a manifestation perspective, you need to get into the essence of the feeling of having it, or of being there.

How are you going to feel inside that vision? Laying on the beach…the sun warming you…how are you going to feel? At peace? Free? Successful? When you are creating that vision, really get into that feeling place.

Whatever you desire – have a vision – of what that desire will bring you. If it is a business – have a vision of how that business will run. Feel yourself meeting and helping the clients or seeing people, bringing joy and love to them. Whatever the business or desire is FEEL the positive effects it will bring. See it from a visual perspective and also feel it. When you have all the business you can handle, making all the money you want, how are you going to feel?

Vision is always what you picture in your mind – how you see your future self living and FEEL that. This is necessary to magnetize and manifest it. Get into the essence place. That is the magnet that brings it to you. That’s the vision.

How is that different than a goal? A goal is something you can actually measure. A vision and a goal can be the same thing (ex. vacation to the beach) however; a goal is something you move toward in a specific and measured way to actually have your vision.

So…your vision may be that you are sun bathing on the beach in Aruba. You are feeling wonderful, peaceful, and thankful; whatever the essence is for you. The goal was to get you to Aruba. There needed to be steps to do that. Maybe you need to save the money, plan the trip, figure out the exact cost, where to stay etc. The goal is the actual steps to get you on that beach in Aruba.

When I wanted to become a Life Coach, my vision was to feel successful, make an impact in others’ lives. I could actually feel it internally. I felt something important was happening. It was as if I was on the verge of an exciting new phase of my life. I could feel it – the transformation, the enthusiasm. But it was also a goal, because for me to become a successful Life Coach, I had to get the training, the certifications, and the clients, teach classes, and develop a website. I had to get all the strategies in place and achieve each one in order to achieve the reality of my vision.

When I completed my training and received my coaching credentials, that was one of my goals completed on the way to my vision. Each goal that is accomplished (getting clients, developing a website) each brought me closer to my vision of becoming a successful Life Coach.

A goal is something you work to accomplish to get you a step closer to your vision. A vision is the big picture, a feeling, a sense that you hold inside your heart, your energy. It is also what you can see when you close your eyes and focus on it. Goals are a part of getting you to that vision.

Always create a vision – for all parts of your life…your family, your children, your career, anything else that is important to you. Wake up each morning and visualize what you want to manifest – feel it – then start working toward manifesting it.

Pick 3 goals for each vision. Only 3, so that you are not scattered. Picking only 3 goals helps you focus, because to create the vision and goals you need to have focus, total focus. Write them out…this also helps with focus.

As you start to manifest success and abundance, many opportunities will emerge. Stay focused, and only engage with those opportunities that will move you toward reaching your goals. FOCUS. Make sense?

So…create and feel the essence of your vision. Pick 3 goals, write them down, and measure them so you will know when they are completed. Each goal achieved brings you closer to achieving your vision.

Vision and goals different (sometimes alike) but work in tandem to bring you the life you desire.

“Don’t underestimate the power of a vision. McDonald’s founder, Ray Kroc, pictured his empire long before it existed, and he saw how to get there. He invented the company motto “Quality, service, cleanliness and value” – and kept repeating it to his employees for the rest of his life.”

~Kenneth Labich


I feel the essence of my vision every day.
I focus on achieving my goals to manifest my vision.


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