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Trust“Breathe, the Universe is taking care of everything else.”

How is your manifesting coming? Please let me know – drop me a line. Just type in your comments below. I would love to hear about your successes.

We now have our Clarity, Alignment and Action (inspired action…that is), is there something more? One essential part of manifesting is TRUST.

As Abraham-Hicks says…” Trust is the opening of the heart, believing in yourself and in the abundance of the universe. It is knowing that the Universe is loving and friendly, and supports your higher good. Trust is knowing that you are part of the process of creating, and believing in your ability to draw to you what you want”.

You can develop trust by putting your ideas into action, getting feedback, and seeing the results. THERE IS NO FAILURE, THERE IS ONY FEEDBACK! Every time you are willing to take a risk, you increase your ability to trust and believe in yourself. There is a difference between trust and hope. Trusting is believing and knowing that what you want will come, hoping is wanting something but not really believing that it will come.

When I was living in New York City, working for Morgan Stanley, I desired to manifest my dream car…the Lexus SC460 hardtop convertible. I thought about it a lot. Went to New York City Annual Car Show, took photos of car, and an info brochure home. I put a color photo of the exact car I wanted up on my desk-Silver with Black Interior. I could feel how it would be to drive it. I went to the dealership, took a test drive. It was brand new…so I had to order it, 6 months waiting list.   I was living in NYC when I ordered it, there was no way I could pay the $60,000 price tag, plus it probably was not smart to have a convertible and drive it into the city each day, I usually took the train, but by the time it arrived, I had moved to Florida, having been promoted to have my own office and in charge of 80 brokers. My salary and bonus could easily afford the $1000 monthly lease payment. I did not know the move and promotion when I desired that car, but I just knew that somehow I would have it. I trusted the Universe, took the inspired action (test drive) and allowed it to happen.

Trust is the link between the mental world and the physical world. It provides continuity during the time lapse between the conception of an idea and its manifestation. Realize that your dreams are already real on the mental plane; they are just awaiting the perfect time to appear in your physical reality. Trust your higher self to bring you the right things at the right time.

You know when you are on the right path; doors open, people appear, opportunities are presented and good things happen. When you are following your path, your energy is flowing and you trust the Universe to deliver, your life usually works easily and well,

There may be times when nothing seems to be happening on the outside, but you are going through much change on the inside to prepare for what you are asking for. (I had to get a promotion and move to Florida before I got my car). Keep trusting your ability to draw to you what you what while you are waiting for your desire to come, and to realize that everything that is happening to you is preparing you to have it and helping you change your vibrations to match the vibration of abundance when it arrives.

Developing trust is most important. Keep your goal in mind and work steadily toward it rather than expecting instant results. Trust that your inner messages are leading you to your goals; even if you do not know how at the time. Trust that you will get what you have asked for if it is for your higher good, and that everything that is happening is helping bring it to you.

Now, let’s all go out and transform lives together! Happy Creating!


“I began a mission to find my own truth because I trusted my inner voice.” ~Essence



I work in partnership with and trust in the Universe.

There is no failure…only feedback.

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