Trust, Allow and Gratitude

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Trust Allow and Gratitude “Breathe; the Universe is taking care of everything else”

Last week we talked about “Rampage of Appreciation” stressing how important gratitude is to manifesting. This week I would like to share a personal story with you the really confirmed to me the wonder and power of these Universal Laws. (Next week we will return to the Law of Pure Potentiality).

Reaping the benefit of the Universal Laws is a lifelong pursuit; I am a work in progress. I was deeply moved by this next story as it once again confirmed my faith and trust in the Universe.

I mentioned in the 12/11/14 edition of Happy Thoughts entitled “Unconditional Love” that my beautiful Mother had transitioned at age 97. My Dad had passed 2 years prior and their request was to have their ashes spread together wherever the family chose.

We all racked our brains and finally picked ”The Park of Roses” as Mom had always loved roses, receiving them for every birthday and anniversary. In fact one of her friends nicked named her “Rosie”.

We waited for the roses to be in bloom and scheduled the entire family outing to be followed by a celebration of life dinner at a steakhouse (as my Dad loved steak- medium rare).

As the now Matriarch of the family, I felt the responsibility to plan the event and a little service after the spreading of the ashes. If you know me, preparation is my middle name. If I am to make a presentation, no matter how short – I practice, practice, practice. But this time – I could not write my little talk – something wasn’t working – I seemed to be forcing it.

I meditated on my block and heard the words “STOP…Don’t prepare – TRUST and speak from your heart, the words will come”. Well…it took all of my strength to not prepare and just ALLOW the Universe to bring me the exact words I needed at the exact right time.

Soon the day came – and it was pouring rain all day. I kept thinking…do we cancel? Reschedule? Once again I heard, ‘STOP, remember…TRUST – Just ask and it is given”. So at noon, I set my intention …”Rain stops from 5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.”

As soon as I set my intention, I felt better. The rain kept falling all day and as we drove to the Park of Roses the umbrellas were in the trunk. (I told you I was still a work in progress…still need to work on total Trust).
We parked the cars and started walking toward the park – about 5 minutes into the park (umbrellas up) we passed a pretty gazebo and then a line of roses bushes in full bloom that just felt right. We all agreed this was the place. Guess what happened? The rain stopped! I just smiled – shook my head and raised my eyes to the heavens and said “Thank You”.

As I was opening the containers to spread the ashes, I was concerned how the little ones (2 family members 4 years old) would react. I didn’t want them to be afraid or feel uncomfortable. Just as that thought came to mind – one of my daughter’s spoke to the 2 little ones saying “MaMa and BaBa have helped us all so much to grow and prosper – now they can help the roses to grow”. Perfect timing …what a wonderful sentiment; it felt so loving and natural. We all took turns lovingly giving Mom and Dad to the roses.

I’ll never forget my youngest 4 year old little boy (soon to be my step grandson) taking his father’s hand and walking all the way down to the end of the row where a small rose bush was struggling to grow. He looked up at his Dad and said, “Daddy, this bush is so little, it needs some MaMa” as he so very gently spread Mom’s ashes around the roots. Such a wonderful tribute from the lips of a 4 year old.

After spreading the ashes, we walked back to the gazebo. Standing in a circle, holding hands, I closed my eyes and allowed the Universe to speak through me. I honestly can’t tell you what I said…only that my family all hugged me saying “Mom that was wonderful”. We then played a CD called “There Is Only Love” by Karen Drucker.

The rain stopped, my talk was wonderful, and the ceremony was loving and meaningful. I believe it is all because I trusted in the Universe to come through for me; getting out of the way (resistance) and allowing my desires to come forth. My confirmation that the Universe is a loving and friendly place where desires are fulfilled if you trust, allow and show appreciation.

Thank you so much for listening. Next week …the Law of Pure Potentiality.

“There is only love.” ~ Karen Drucker


I set my intention and Trust the Universe will come through for me
I offer appreciation freely and consistently

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  1. How very beautiful and touching. I’m grateful for you, and your willingness to share and guide us in the ways of the Universe. Thank you.

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