The Law of Attraction

November 13, 2014 by

The-Law-of-Attraction2“Change your vibration…change your life”

           Cathy Brown

Last week we talked about “Everything is Energy and everything gives off a vibration. Things of like vibration are drawn to each other.

So what we send out – comes back to us. In negativity – angry, disappointed, frustrated, mad, a chip on our shoulder…what we send out is going to come back to us. Ever known negative people where everything goes wrong?   What vibration do you think they were sending out?

It’s us in charge of our own lives…and what we are vibrating out into the Universe. It’s the Law of Attraction. Just like gravity – throw a ball up into the air and it has to fall…put negativity out and it has to come back. It’s the law! It just is.

We think…if we can just change the conditions outside of ourselves than we going to feel better. If we move, change jobs, change relationships, If we do this outside change, then we will bring in the energy of success. But…we now know that is BACKWARDS! The Key is…it has to come from the inside first. The inner work controls the outer reality.

The Law of Attraction is always impartial – non judgmental and always says yes to whatever you are focusing on. It does not care if you are focusing on what you want or what you don’t want – it always sends a match back. So…if you are always focusing on those bills you can’t pay. Guess what the Universe will send back to you? Yup…the Universe says…”Great…here are more bills you can’t pay”. That’s why it is so important to send out positive thoughts and vibrations. How do we control what we are sending out? That’s our topic for next week. See you then!

“A thought is a cosmic order waiting to happen”

                        Stephen Richards


I focus on what is positive and working in my life.

I send out good vibrations to bring more good vibrations in return.

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