The Importance of Clarity

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“When you have clarity of intention,
the Universe conspires with you to make it happen.” ~ Fabienne Fredickson

Do we really know where we want to go, what we really want our life to be? If you don’t have clarity on where you want to go…how do you know when you get there? Clarity is your GPS, your map to success.

Would you ever go to an airport, packed for a fabulous vacation, walk up to the ticket counter and say “I want to buy a ticket?” Absolutely not, because the sales agent would look at you as if you’re were really dumb and say, “Where do you want to go?” I bet you always have a decent dose of clarity on planning your vacations. How about on planning your life? Before you can get the life, you want, you need to know WHAT YOU WANT!

Seems pretty simple, right? For many of us it’s really not simple at all. If we are not living our own true authentic selves, but rather living our lives for the expectations of others.

Some of us may be clueless as to what path to follow, while others feel they currently have too many goals or directions to pursue. That can be just as damaging. My Dad used to say “If you chase two rabbits, you’re gonna lose both”.

If you are struggling with no direction or too many directions and need to gain clarity, here are some revealing questions that will help.

I strongly recommend you set aside some time to just relax and reflect upon these questions. Don’t force yourself to come up with all the answers if they don’t come naturally. Instead, just aim to explore the new ideas that come up or perhaps remember some you had forgotten about. Write down whatever ideas that pop into your head. You will be surprised to see where his exercise may lead you.

7 Essential Questions to Know What You Really Want to Do with Your Life

  1. What did you dream about becoming when you were a child?
  2. What would you regret not doing, being, or having in your life?
  3. What activities make you lose track of time?
  4. If you had to teach something, what would you teach?
  5. What’s your greatest accomplishment so far?
  6. What does a perfect life look like to you?
  7. What would you be doing if you had more money than you could spend?

How did it go? Were you able to find answers for all the above questions? Get some direction? Maybe you came up with several choices? Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give it some time. Give it some thought. The answers will come.

Once you have a tentative direction, or several, it’s time to dig deeper to decipher which may be the best action to take.

Here are 3 more short, but powerful questions, developed by my Coach and Mentor, Christy Whitman.   Take each of your choices and ask yourself the following:

  1. What do I want? (Insert your choice)
  2. Why do I want it?
  3. How will I feel when I have it?

This will narrow down your choices very quickly. The choice that makes you feel the best and whose why makes the most sense to you is your best selection.

“Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.” ~ Unknown


I take time to get clear on my desires and goals.

I have clarity and am working with the universe to create what I want.


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