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Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behavior. You gain instant clarity, like being reintroduced to yourself. When you know your WHY, you begin to understand why you made the choices you made, as well as the choices you will make. You know what your value is, what people can count on you for, what you bring to the table, your world begins to make more sense.

It gives others, including those who buy your products and services, a reason to connect with you because people don’t connect with what you do, they connect with WHY you do it, who you are and what you believe.


I highly recommend Cathy’s WHY session. I left the consultation feeling empowered, excited, seen, heard, and validated.

Shannon Tran


I think this process would be good for everyone to go through. I can see the benefit of having my family go through this process as well so I can better understand them and their unique gifts to the world!

Stacy Weber


Learning my WHY has shown me where my strengths and passions lie. Knowing my WHY has given me a lot of self-confidence.

Helma Nolte

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The are no words to describe you or your WHY message. It changed my entire perspective of myself. At the end of your process I felt the need to introduce this new self to myself. I was really blessed to meet me for the first time in my life.

Lisa Sullivan


This is a wonderful process and would benefit anyone who wants to better understand themselves and how they bring their own uniqueness and gifts to the world.

Catherine Clift


Wow! Cathy Brown you helped me discover and love my Why and I am blown away by your accuracy, creative and skilled ability to put into words who I am.

Lola Love

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