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October 5, 2017 by

“The fruit is always sweeter out on the limb.”
– Shirley MacLaine


Who loves challenges, getting out of their comfort zone, and really stretching yourself?

Yeah, I don’t know a lot of people who relish that at all. Most of us prefer to feel safe, secure and comfortable, right? But…

Growth happens when we try something new, strive for a new goal and even risk failure. As most of us, I am a work in progress.

You all know I published my 1st book, ACT: Align-Connect-Transform in July and have been thinking of ways to market it by developing a presentation/workshop and online course based on the 5 principles in the book.

I seem to accomplish more when I have an event or a deadline. I don’t do as well working at my own pace as I come up with many distractions taking me off course.

So…last month I signed on to participate in the Gift of Light Expo to be held October 7th & 8th near my home in Columbus, Ohio. At first it was no big deal, as I have participated in expos before, however, this time I wanted to promote and sell my book and write a new power point presentation for my workshop. The stretching began.

I feel I have several talents, technology is not one of them.   Converting photos and mastering power point, not to mention lap top – projector hookup became a bit intimidating. Designing banners, posters and installing “Square” (to accept credit card payments on my phone) all seemed to take forever.   For me it was HARD and FRUSTRATING WORK!

But WOW!!!…how amazing it feels to finally accomplish new goals, enter new territory and be able to say “Yeah, I got this.”

Miranda Marquit, a free- lance financial journalist suggests we stretch ourselves regularly in her article, “The Importance of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone.”

“Of course, the reality is that as you stretch yourself more, your comfort zone expands. You need to keep stepping outside of it to keep moving forward in business and in life. True success comes when you set yourself a new challenge after meeting the old one.

Yes, there’s the possibility that you won’t hit every milestone every time. But that’s not the entire point. The real point is to improve every day. The idea is to increase your capacity. Stretching yourself creates the possibility of growth and learning. When you challenge yourself to reach for goals that are outside your comfort zone — but still attainable — you set yourself up to accomplish truly amazing things.”

Are you up for a challenge? Ready to stretch your wings a bit? Commit to doing something new this week, something you have been wanting to do, something maybe a bit scary, a new adventure. Then…GO FOR IT! You will be glad you did. I promise.

P.S. If you are in the Columbus Ohio area this weekend, please stop by the Gift of Light Expo at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Hilliard, and check out my “Stretching” and “Power point presentation”. Hope to see you there!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – #stretchyourself


This week I am going to get out of my comfort zone and try something new I have been wanting to try.

I improve each and every day.


 If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area this weekend, October 7th and 8th,
you are invited to visit with Cathy at the:

Gift of Light Expo
Franklin County Fairgrounds
Hilliard, Ohio
Sat: 10 – 7 and Sun: 10 – 5

Cathy will be speaking both days!

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  1. Cathy, I can so identify with where you are coming from. Now that I am a certified Life Coach I find networking to share my business extremely stressful and I am experiencing anxiety like never before. My wonderful inner critic wants me to give up and give in. But I am not listening. I hate these feelings but I am not about to throw in the towel. I have a networking breakfast tomorrow and next Friday. I also want to start giving talks which creates even more angst. Resistance and more resistance. But I can do this. I am determined. I am too passionate about this work to stop now.

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