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March 31, 2016 by

Stop-These-Right-Now!“Continuing down the wrong path will only draw you further from the things you want.” ~Andrea Schulman

Two weeks ago we talked about having problems with manifesting. Three reasons we may be having trouble finding success while using the Law of Attraction are starting too big, watching too closely and the Law of Attraction is not as simple as you think. There are some other things you can STOP doing that will greatly increase your manifesting success.

Andrea Schulman gives us the details on what behaviors to eliminate. Removing each of these behaviors from our “to do lists” on a consistent basis will help us simplify our life, reduce resistance and get back into the manifesting flow.

If you plan to become a master of the Law of Attraction, STOP and take a break whenever you find yourself:

  1. Over thinking. (That’s me).
  2. Trying too hard or working too hard to get what you want.
  3. Complaining about the things you are lacking or the bad things you’ve manifested.
  4. Worrying about the future or trying to avoid the worst-case scenario.
  5. Over-planning. (That’s me too).
  6. Spending too much time with negative and toxic people.
  7. Blaming others.
  8. Being attached to the outcomes. Be attached to your intention (goal), but detach from how and when it will happen…have trust in the Universe and get out of your own way. The word is “ALLOW”.
  9. Regretting the past.
  10. Explaining yourself to others and making excuses for your actions.


Can you think of any others? Which ones are your biggest challenges? I mentioned mine were over thinking and over planning. I’m getting better…but it is as constant struggle. I have the desire to over analyze…keep running it over in my mind until total frustration sets in. Do you ever do that?

When you find yourself engaged in any of these behaviors, or any you have added to the list, all you have to do is slow down and regroup. Instead of marching on, take a breath, walk away, distract yourself, or simply space out for a moment. Taking a pause will halt the negative momentum of those behaviors, and help you realign with the power of the present moment.

The key to success with the Law of Attraction is simplicity. All you need to do is set your intention (what you want), trust and allow the Universe to take care of the rest. Be open to any opportunities that the Universe delivers and take action on them (remember…that is the inspired action). If it feels like what you are doing isn’t working, trust me, it isn’t. If you are trying too hard, and working too hard, let the Universe take over for awhile.

Happy Manifesting!

“What we think, we become.” ~Buddha


I choose to spend my time with positive and supportive people.
The past is the past…I look forward to my awesome future.



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