Spring Cleaning

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“Spring is a time of new beginnings – what would you like to grow this Spring?” ~ Tara Killen

Wow! It’s already April. Have you started your Spring cleaning yet? Here’s an interesting thought…Spring Cleaning is not only for your home…it’s for you as well.
Each spring as the sun comes out and the flowers start to bloom, many of us catch the cleaning fever. Our storage rooms experience a complete overhaul as we re-evaluate what we need and make space for a clean, fresh new feel in our homes.

The crisp spring weather and the itch it brings to clean out, de-junk and refresh can extend past our possessions and environments and into our thought patterns, our opinions of life and the way we view ourselves. Spring is the perfect season to let go of past failures or hang-ups and begin again.

What a beautiful time to start jogging again, bring out an unfinished quilt or give gardening another go. Most importantly, give yourself another chance to achieve your goals and dreams!

Here’s some tips to “Spring Clean Yourself” from the Abundance Project….

Throw out all the old junk
The first and most obvious step to spring cleaning is to get rid of all the clutter.

Take note of all the thoughts that cause you to doubt yourself or that hold you back in any way and categorize those thoughts as “clutter”.

Once you know which thoughts are clutter, make a commitment to get rid of them.

Each time you find yourself in the midst of old clutter, remind yourself of the commitment you made and replace the clutter with a positive thought.

Although cleaning out your mind isn’t as simple as de-junking the garage, the mental clean-up will do you a lot better.

Scrub every corner
The second step to a successful bout of spring cleaning is scrubbing down the house, especially the places where your old belongings used to reside.

Take some time each day to remind yourself why you got rid of your clutter.

Scrub your mind clean of the thoughts that were taking up space without doing you any good.

Open the window
The third step to a fresh feel in your home is opening the window (at least one). The slight breeze of new air entering in through a kitchen window is not only a beautiful sight and smell, but a positive affirmation of the joy of life.

Leave space in your life to “leave the window open”. Allow new and positive thoughts, people and events to enter in to your life. Fill your time with the energizing, the inspiring and the new. Stimulate yourself by taking hold of new opportunities.

Set out some flowers
The fourth step in embracing the spring season is to bring spring into your home! Set out some flowers to remind yourself of the life that flourishes all around us.

Make a list of some of the new and positive things that have entered your life as a result of your “spring cleaning”. Choose one thing off your list that means the most to you and take hold of it.

Allow that thought, hobby or habit to encourage you to be happy by placing a symbol of it nearby. If you have found happiness in hiking outdoors with a friend, hang up a picture of the two of you on the trail!

Fill your life with the positive and there will hardly be room for anything else. That’s called Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out. Do you have you dust mop ready?

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” ~ Albert Einstein


I am clearing out all my “mental” clutter

I am filling my life with positive thoughts and actions

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