Signs From the Divine Within

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“Divine Guidance leads us in the positive and healthful directions.” –

Signs from the divine within

We all have a power within – it’s our “Power Center”, our “Divine Soul”. I like to think of it as my “Divine Partner”, always present, aiding the Universe, to help and support me. It always has my back for all I have to do is ask.

I would like to share my recent experience asking for and accepting support from my Divine Power. On August 30th, I had my annual mammogram. No big deal…I schedule them each year close to my August birthday, so I don’t forget. As usual it went, smoothly, not exactly pleasant, but done and on with my day, happy to check it off my “To Do’” list.

The next day, while browsing in Barnes and Noble bookstore, checking out my favorite personal/spiritual growth section, my cell phone rings. It was the hospital requesting I return the next day, Sep. 1st, for further testing as yesterday’s mammogram was suspect.

My first thought was…” Oh Shit”, as I looked down at the book I was holding in my right hand. It was Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”. A sign from my Divine Power?

I stood very still, taking a few deep breaths and asking my Divine Power to kick in and help me through this challenge. Immediately, I started to feel a bit more at ease…hearing the thought “It’s gonna’ be O.K.”

The recheck was scheduled for 1:00 the next day…which just happened to be the 1st day of my “30 Days of Meditation with Christy Whitman” program offered on Facebook live for the entire month of September. Day one was scheduled for 11:00 A.M. (just 2 hours before the recheck).

As soon as I woke up that morning, the negative thoughts and worry engulfed me. I kept trying to push them away while asking my Divine Self to help me get rid of them.

Once again my Divine Power answered in the form of Day 1 of Christy’s meditation program. The topic was “Your Divine Power” and the daily affirmation was “My soul is dissolving the negative thoughts in my life.” TALK ABOUT TIMING!

After the meditation, I started smiling and giggling…feeling, “O.K. you got this – Right On – I’m gonna’ be O.K.”

For the next 2 hours, while driving to the hospital and sitting in the waiting room, every time a fear or worry came to mind, I immediately repeated my affirmation, “My soul is dissolving the negative thoughts in my life.” I began to feel peace and strength coming over me.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was told I would know the results after the mammogram and possibly an ultra-sound, if needed. That made me feel better still, knowing that I would not have to wait for the verdict.

As my name was called, I entered the dressing room and changed into my “one size fits all”, attractive gown with the designated opening in the front and walked up to the “squeeze” (mammogram) machine.

After a few photos were taken, I was ushered back to the dressing room to wait for the results. I sat there for what seemed like an hour methodically repeating my affirmation over and over, feeling stronger each time I said it. After about 10 minutes the nurse informed me we needed to do the ultra-sound to secure a diagnosis.

As the “Oh Shit” phrase reappeared in my mind, I shut it down immediately and returned to the “dissolving all negative thought” affirmation, emphasizing no negatives for Cathy today. It was becoming my mantra.

A few minutes later as I laid on the table with some slime stuff all over my right breast and the gentle nurse moving the ultra-sound machine over it, I kept repeating my mantra. I started to think and silently talk to my Divine Self, “You couldn’t make this easy, could you? You’re gonna’ make me work for it, right?”

I smiled realizing I needed to let go by trusting and allowing my Diving Self to take the controls as I had asked her for her help and support. I needed to get out of the way and…let her do her job. My job was to keep calm and focus on the affirmation, releasing the negative and bringing in the positive thoughts.

Soon the ultra-sound was completed and I was back in the dressing room once again waiting for the result. I was surprised at the calm I felt, no longer worried, feeling strong and positive.

Shortly, the gentle nurse, now smiling, walked in with the good news. Everything was fine. The ultra-sound confirmed that all was well. I may have shocked the poor nurse as I immediately jumped up, shouting “Yes…I knew it.”

I thanked her and quickly left before they thought I might need a psychological evaluation for my unexpected exuberance.

I experienced a valuable lesson that day. Yes, you can heal your life by ridding yourself of all negative thoughts, fear and emotions replacing them with positive ones.

It is a process. It takes constant clarity and focus. Get started today and see where it takes you. I think you will love the results.

“Keep following your divine guidance and know you are on the right path.” –


My Soul is dissolving the negative thoughts in my life.

I ask my Divine Partner for support and get out of the
way by trusting and allowing her/him to take control.


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  1. I really like the imagery you used in the first paragraph – “Power Center,” “Divine Soul”, but especially “Divine Partner.” It’s so tangible and imaginable. And women can all relate so well to your story. Thanks for sharing it. Marynance Schellenbach

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