Saving Our Soul

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“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how different our ideals of beauty would be.” ~

Saving Our Soul

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction and its principles, you already know that the nature of your thoughts determine what you will attract in your life.

… whether for good or for ill.

If you’re always self-conscious about your achievements, worry about the future, or feel you’re not good enough to achieve success in your life….

…the Law of Attraction says that you will attract negative results and people into your life.

If on the other hand you believe good things will happen to you when you work hard and spend time on your goals and dreams, those things will happen for you.

Even though you may spend the time required to achieve success, happiness and abundance in your life, it’s not easy to keep your head above water every single day.

Life gets chaotic, and every day brings new challenges in different forms.

Even the most productive, talented and intelligent people in the world have trouble calming their thoughts and finding peace for the soul.

But to achieve what you want and keep plugging along in this journey we call life, you have to find a way to calm your stressed out mind and ease your troubled soul.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and overworked on your journey to success and lasting happiness and abundance, try to implement the following three tips into your life routine from The Abundance Project.

#1: Cut Out Television Time for a Few Days

Television time can be a great way to relax after a long day, but it can also contribute to higher levels of stress.

Much of what our society views on televisions makes us feel lousy about ourselves, implants in us a greater desire for material possessions and things, and exposes us to content that’s not always best for our individual growth and development.

The best way to get in touch with your own self and calm your cluttered mind and soul is to turn off the television for a few days.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore all media, but it does mean you should be careful about what type of media you consume. Within a few days you will feel a difference.

I promise.

#2: Forget Doing the Things You Don’t Have Time For

I’m guilty of creating endless lists of tasks for myself to complete that I know I’ll never get to, so sometimes I literally have to go through the items and decide which tasks I’m just going to forget about.

It may seem counterproductive to completely ignore important tasks, but it’s actually very healthy.

When you admit to yourself that you can’t be Superman or Superwoman all the time, you immediately release all the tension associated with all those tasks.

So forget about a few tasks every week, and if they are important enough, you can always complete them at a later date.

#3: Live in the Moment

So much of what we do in life is focused on the future (future jobs, future vacations, future children, future money and fame), but how much time do we actually spend just enjoying the current moment?

I know this tip might come off as a little cliché, but it actually pays off if you implement it.

When you learn to live in the moment you learn how to better connect with the people you’re close with, and you also learn what it means to be alive.

After all, the purpose of life is to live it!

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul is unawakened.” ~ Anatole France


I am practicing living in the moment

I am eliminating the insignificant things I do not have time for


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