Remember What’s Important and Have Fun

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“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” ~ Cesare Pavese

“Remember What’s Importaant”…

“Remember What’s Importaant”…

May 28, 2016 was a wonderful blessed day for me and my family. It was the Wedding Day of one of my daughters, Christine. This was a blending of families as Christine has 2 teenage sons, Kaesyn and Maguire and Jeff, the groom, has a cute little guy, 5 year old Mason.

Both Jeff and Christine wanted a small, simple, low key, outdoor wedding with just family and a few friends. It ended up being a bit larger than first planned (about 80 guests) as well as a bit more stressful than I had planned.

Christine has wonderful, creative ideas, including stringing tiny white lights wrapped in pink tool (that’s a netting like fabric …for you guys) in the peaks of the 20’ tall tent and running down to the edges. The idea was fabulous…but doable? Ordering the caterers, flowers and cartoonist (to gift each guest with a cute family portrait), became a very stressful situation for me. Then…throw in the weather as the ceremony was to be performed in the garden; my blood pressure and stress level continued to rise.

Everybody kept telling me it looks like rain that day. After awhile, they stopped as I gave them the evil eye – saying, (sometimes yelling)…”It’s gonna be fine…I set my intention for clear skies.” I was beginning to allow this wonderful event to become filled with contrast, negativity and stress.

As I am in the process of completing my certification in Hypnotherapy, which I will be adding to my coaching practice (more about that coming soon), I asked my “Hypno Coaching Buddy” to give me a session to reduce my stress.

All I can say is it was amazing! She led me into a deeply relaxed state and we talked about what was “really” bothering me, and what was really important to me. She then guided me back to a “Peaceful Day” in my life where I was happy, calm and content.

I went back to a trip that Christine and I had taken over 20 years ago to Puerto Rico. We were enjoying the beach, the sunshine, listening to the waves and seagulls. All was well. All was lovely and peaceful. I was asked to bring back a thought, phrase or feeling to anchor in that calm, peaceful and stress free experience. I was then instructed to put my index finger and thumb together (like the “O.K. sign) and relive and deeply feel that wonderful relaxing, stress free, feeling. My phrase was “Remember What’s Important…and Have Fun”.

As the wedding drew closer, and I began to feel the stress coming on, I took a deep breath in and used my anchor phrase…”Remember What’s Important…and Have Fun”, while placing my index finger and thumb together (and feeling A- O.K.).

“…And Have Fun”

“…And Have Fun”

People were running around, sometimes nearly out of control, and I just smiled and flashed my anchor sign…going back to the stress-free Puerto Rico beach… “Remembering What’s Important…and Having Fun”.

What a difference my little anchor made! The Wedding Day prepararions were completed, including the groom climbing up a 20’ foot ladder to hang the lights and tool in the tent. The rain which fell on and off until 5 minutes before the ceremony…stopped right on time, cooling off the humidity and ushering in a beautiful dry evening.

The food and desserts were delicious and the cartoonist was a big hit. Everyone had fun, especially my little grandaughter, Ainsley. Can you guess where she is in the photo? (Right, you got it…the one in the middle!)

With all the hustle and bustle, in our lives, we often need to take time to “Remember What’s Important”… two souls blending in love and devotion…sharing that love with family and friends. And, always,…always, “To Have Fun”, just like little Ainsley.

“There’s a power in looking silly and not caring that you do. Have fun” ~ Amy Poehler


Every day I remember what is important to me.

I look for the fun in everything I do.

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