Receiving Guidance From the Universe

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“When you declare, “I am OPEN and ready to receive”, the Universe hears you, and it holds out it’s hands to help you.” -Alisa Barry

Receiving Guidance

I think we are all familiar with the Law of Attraction and many of us are using it daily. But, do you sometimes have trouble receiving the results? It seems easy to ask…but what do you do next? Asking is only one part of the equation. Aligning, trusting and allowing are very much a part of the equation as well. The A.T.A. (align, trust and allow) make up the “How To” when finding success in working with the Universe.

I came across the following blog written by Life Coach, Andrea Schulman in June of 2016. It explains the concept of “How to Receive Guidance from the Universe” in an amazingly clear and concise manner.

How do you ask and let go?
If it were me, I’d simply throw the question up to the universe.  I wouldn’t write a big list of pros and cons, I wouldn’t try to “figure it out.” Overthinking will probably only leave me frustrated and confused.  After all, if I am confused about what to do, focusing on what to do is only going to amplify my confusion, thanks to the Law of Attraction.

It’s important to understand that making a good decision is all about aligning with it, and when we are frustrated or confused we are most certainly not aligned in the slightest.

So, instead of trying to think my way to the answer, I’d ask. I’d say to myself “I’m going to let the universe tell me which path to take, and I’m going to trust that I will know what I have to do when I have to do it.”

Then, I’d drop the subject, and move on to something else. I’d simply let it go, and know that when the time was right the answer would come to me.

How does the universe provide guidance?
When I use this approach, I get guidance in a number of ways.  Sometimes, it’s just a sudden, intense knowing of what I am supposed to do. Other times, I will encounter people, situations or new information that convinces me of the right move.  Still other times, one option will simply drop out of the picture, making my selection for me entirely.

In every case, the “right move” becomes abundantly clear, without my having to overthink it or worry about it.

The real trick to this process
Before trying this strategy out in your own life, it’s important to keep in mind that the real trick to this strategy is trust.

In order to receive quality guidance from the universe, you have to fully surrender your question in faith that the answer will come. You have to be committed to allowing the universe to tell you what the answer is.  You cannot continue to harp on the question, and you cannot question the guidance.  You simply ask, and allow the answer to come.

If you don’t trust that the universe can bring you an answer, the universe will not bring you a clear answer.  You have to believe you are going to get the answer in order to get it.  This, of course, is due again to the Law of Attraction.  You only get what you believe you are going to get.

Start with low-risk
So, because this strategy requires a great deal of trust in the universe’s ability to guide you, I recommend that you start with small indecisions. Practice this strategy in a low-risk environment until you build up confidence in the process.

For example, you can use this strategy to answer questions like “what should I get my husband for his birthday?” or “where should I take my mother out to dinner?”

Get in the habit of throwing some of the easy questions out there for guidance before tackling some of life’s bigger queries (like “should I move across the country?” or “should I ask my girlfriend to marry me?”).  Get comfortable with asking and letting go first.

The next time you have an indecision in your life, consider asking the universe for guidance. Take some of the worry and stress out of your life, and allow the right moves to come to you.

After all, we are limited in our ability to perceive what’s going to happen and what the right moves really are, but a broader perspective can see much further.

Thank you, Andrea. Well done!

That last point “To start small” is extremely important. I began using the Law of Attraction by asking for a prime parking space when I went to the mall; a space close to the stores I intended to visit. Granted it was not a huge “Ask”, but once granted, it started to build my trust. I then added requests a bit bigger, such as finding just the right outfit, in my price range, with ease and joy. Once accomplished, I added larger and larger requests growing my trust and simply allowing my creative partner to come through for me.
Remember that TRUST means:

“I am open to receive infinite blessings from the Universe.”


I am relying on spirit totally.

I ask for help from the universe, then I am allowing it to come to  me.


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