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“There’s always a way –if you’re committed.” ~Tony Robbins

I often write about the Law of Attraction; the law that states whatever is broadcast out into the Universe is joined by or attracted to energies that are of an equal frequency or vibration. Simply put: you attract what you are focusing on, your thoughts and vibrations. Sounds easy enough, right? But…why doesn’t it always work?

Sometimes we get overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated or even angry when it doesn’t work immediately…when what we want to manifest does not come. You may ask, or even scream…”Why can’t I manifest it NOW!”

Here’s a few answers to why can’t I manifest what I want from a great article by Andrea Shulman.

  1. Starting too big. Some people hear about the Law of Attraction and try to manifest a new job, new relationship or the lottery jackpot right away. TOO BIG…TOO QUICK…The reason why it is best not to start too big is because “big” usually means “vibrationally very far away”. If you’ve never really believed that you would ever win the lottery… that enduring life belief isn’t going to be replaced by optimism and expectation overnight.This is why it is best to start small. Start with the silly little things that don’t mean too much to you (like attracting a parking space at the mall, or finding the perfect outfit on sale). When you start to see it working on a very small scale, up the ante to something a little bigger…take baby steps.

    Don’t be in a hurry to get to the “big stuff” right away. Your vibration needs to adjust into the place of expectation, belief and trust in the Universe before you will manifest what you really want. And while you are learning, it’s always fun to get the” “little stuff” and watch yourself grow and improve.

  1. Watching too closely. We all have a tendency to watch to see when something happens. We notice when we are passed over for a promotion, we complain when it’s talking too much time for Mr. or Ms. Right to come along and we step on the scale every day to see if the weight is coming off. (Yes, ladies, I know we do that).When we watch too closely, what we are really projecting out into the Universe is disbelief and a lack of trust. If we honestly believed that what we wanted was going to manifest, we wouldn’t have to check. We would just sit back and allow it to happen. This is why watching too closely doesn’t work; it projects disbelief instead of belief.
  1. The Law of Attraction is not as simple as you think. While the Law of Attraction is simple in theory…it may not be so simple in practice. This is because most of us must unlearn a lot of mental habits we’ve been practicing for a long time before we will be able to believe, really believe, in the Law of Attraction.If we are into the practice of using negative language, focusing on our problems, blaming others for our place in life or are just generally very pessimistic, it makes it virtually impossible to get the Law of Attraction to work for us. How can we “ask, believe and receive” when we have too many negative thoughts that interfere with the process?

It’s best to think about the Law of Attraction as a skill that needs to be practiced before it can be mastered rather than a one-time action that anyone should be able to do on command. Don’t just try once or twice and then give up. Instead, spend some time evaluating and improving our thoughts, behaviors and actions in order to manifest more effectively. It’s about training your mind into chronic, positive expectations in all areas of your life. That doesn’t happen overnight…but it can and will happen with time and practice. You couldn’t become a skilled surgeon overnight, and you probably aren’t going to become Law of Attraction master overnight.

Be patient with yourself and with the process. Have fun with it! I will never turn down that great parking place at the mall while I am learning to work on the “big stuff”. Would you?

Next week we will talk about some to stop doing to increase your manifesting. See ya then!

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~Wayne Dyer

I am enjoying manifesting the little things.
I am improving my thoughts, behaviors and actions to manifest more effectively.

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  1. I like what you said about the Law of Attraction this week. It’s true that we don’t change immediately, nor should we expect to do so. Beliefs we have held for a long time take time to change. We can, however, get better and better at using the Law of Attraction with more and more practice.

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