Habits for Daily Peak Performance – Part 2

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“Never mistake activity for Achievement.” ~ John Wooden

Did you get to try any of last week’s Morning Peak Performance rituals?  I am working on getting my hardest task done first.  It has really made a difference.  I love to cross those off on my “To Do” list. The one I am having trouble with is the waking up earlier. Still working on that one!

Here are Natalie Ledwell’s suggestions for getting through the “Afternoon Slump” …


It’s normal to feel sluggish and sleepy around or just after lunch time. But with the right midday success rituals, you can cruise through the second half of your day with as much vitality as the first. So why not try…

1. Afternoon affirmations

Affirmations like “I am a money magnet” and “I live every second of my life with boundless energy” can be a great way to overcome that midday slump. A few minutes of repetition is all you need; you’ll be surprised at how strongly your subconscious mind latches onto these statements and turns them into reality.

2. An energy-boosting snack

Energizing and healthy snack choices include: bananas, peanut butter, hummus and nuts. Remember to avoid anything with excessive sugar or carbs, which could cause you to crash even harder later in the day. Bring some snacks to work with you so you don’t have to worry about hunting for something unsuitable like the chips or cookies from the vending machine.

3. A quick workout

15 minutes of exercise could do wonders for your energy levels throughout the rest of the day. A brisk walk at lunch will do the trick.  Extra credit for soaking up the sunshine during that power walk!

4. Listen to your favorite upbeat song or playlist

A 2013 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology showed that listening to upbeat music both improves mood and boosts happiness – so go ahead and rock out like nobody’s watching. Headphones during your lunch time walk would be great.

5.   Deep breathing exercises

A brain with more oxygen is a happier brain. There are many breathing exercises to enhance vitality, energy and calmness, but one of the simplest ways is called the “Equal Breathing” technique: just inhale for four seconds, and exhale for four seconds. Easy! Breathing techniques are good for all times of the day, including mornings and evenings.

6. Modify your lunch habits

Many afternoon slumps are caused by the inevitable crash of a high carb or high sugar meal. So, try replacing the greasy cheeseburger with a delicious avocado salad, and see how it makes you feel.

7.  Have a midday checkpoint

Every day after lunch, it’s good to touch base with yourself on your to-do list for the day, plus your long-term goals. This keeps you both productive for the rest of the day, and inspired by your big vision.  If you find you haven’t made enough progress to achieve your goals for the day, accept it and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Woo Hoo…we are on a roll.  We now have Morning and Afternoon covered…taking walks, enjoying the sunshine (hopefully you have some…) and loving life.

Next week we will focus on the evening.  What can we add before going to bed that will increase our peak performance?   See ya next week!

“Begin now what you wish to become. Now is all there is.” ~ Peak Performance


After lunch, I check in on my “to do” list and adjust my strategy accordingly

I include an energy-boosting healthy snack in mid afternoon


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