Habits for Daily Peak Performance – Part 3

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“Be as great in act as you have been in thought.” ~ William Shakespeare

Happy February! How have the morning and Afternoon rituals been working for you?  Anyone been able to get out and enjoy that brisk walk this week? Or…passing by that hamburger in favor of a healthy salad?  Each day is a new beginning…so don’t get down on yourself if you are not yet where you want to be…you are closer than you think.  Baby steps can get you to your destination.

Today we are going to focus on Evening rituals.  Here’s what Natalie Ledwell has to say…


Evenings are the perfect time to engage in daily rituals that melt away stress, give you perspective on the day’s events, and prepare you for maximum productivity tomorrow. Here are some ways to do just that…

1.Reflection time

From meditation to subliminal audios to yoga, there are many ways to indulge in a moment of quiet introspection and self-empowerment.  Always find a quiet space for introspective exercises, and shield yourself from distractions like your phone, kids and noisy pets.

2. The 6 Evening Questions – I just love these!

Stefan James of Project Life Mastery asks himself the following questions in the evening – and you can too if you want to stay in a space of gratitude, empowerment and flow:

~ What was great about today?

~ What did I love?

~ What have I given today?

~ What did I learn today?

~ How have I grown today?

~ In what ways has my life improved?

Don’t think too hard about your answers, just write down whatever comes to mind.

3.  Read a book

Reading before bedtime gives you a long list of benefits, including: better sleep, improved cognitive function, higher emotional intelligence, and lowered cortisol levels (the hormone that causes stress).  Turn off the TV and pick up a book or tablet.

4. Take an evening stroll

An evening stroll is a great way to get in a spot of light exercise, while also clearing your head and reflecting on the events of the day. Some even refer to it as a form of walking meditation.  A solitary walk is an especially useful success ritual if you can’t find a quiet spot in the house tomeditate or read.

5.   Treat yourself followed by cuddle time

Whether it’s a massage, a glass of wine or an aromatherapy bath with candles and flower petals, why not spend some time each evening on something that simply makes you happy?

Why not indulge in some cuddle time with your partner, pets  or kids? Hugging releases feel-good hormones that make you happier, heal anxiety and stress, and in some cases even reverse sickness

6.  Review your goals

Reviewing your goals just before bedtime is a useful way to not just reflect on your progress, but also to prime your subconscious mind for maximum focus and productivity in the coming day.

7.  Go to bed earlier

The duration of your sleep isn’t the only factor that determines how rested and productive you are the next day – the time you fall asleep and wake up plays a role too. Studies show those who are early to bed and early to rise have better heart health, more optimal weight and greater focus at work.  Reading in bed is as good way to wind down.

8.   Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping an evening gratitude journal is simple: every night before bed, you write down a set number of things you were grateful for throughout the day (I usually go with 5). This trains your brain to make gratitude its default state – which means a happier and more fulfilled you.

I bet you will be sleeping better and deeper after practicing some of these Evening rituals.

Let me know how they work.

“Let’s Transform Our Lives Together”.

“You’ll never be capable of doing wore than you believe you are capable of. Expect more from yourself.” ~ Vince Lombardi


Each evening I find time to treat myself and really appreciate me for who I am

Before going to sleep, I reflect on my successes for the day


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