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pain“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing the monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” ~S Lewis

We all think of pain as bad…something to be avoided. Well, that makes sense – I mean, who enjoys pain, nobody I know. But there is another way of looking at, or dealing with pain; a more positive way.

Pain’s job is to inform us that we are out of alignment with ourselves. We are not at ease with ourselves. That’s where the word disease comes from – “dis – ease”. We can look at pain like a “red flag”, something that we need to pay attention to, and think about what it means.

It’s pretty obvious if we have pain in our arm that is gushing bold – you know you have hurt your arm – that’s easy to understand. But if your pain is a bit more disguised like in the form of stress, worry or depression, then it takes a little “digging” to determine the cause. The pain will usually escalate until we are ready to deal with it.

The pain keeps trying to tell us something is wrong. In reality, pain is really a good thing as it encourages us to notice the challenge before it becomes too serious.   It’s like the check up with the doctor – you don’t wait till you feel like you are at death’s door – you schedule an appointment when you start to feel badly (the pain). That way it is easier to heal.

The same goes for “internal” pain. Take some time to sit quietly ask the Universe…”Why am I feeling this way?” Ask and ALLOW the answer to come. Don’t try to force it to come, release resistance and ALLOW it to come. Trust and expect the answer to come. It may come right away, or later in the day or even in your dreams. TRUST it will come.

Nest week we will start a 5 part program on “How to Manifest”. I can’t wait. Manifesting takes Clarity, Alignment, Action and Trust. Next week we will set the path. Please join us.

“Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” ~Joseph Campbell


My pain is good as it helps we determine where I am out of alignment
I ALLOW the Universe to give me the information I need

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