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Overwhelmed“Feeling overwhelmed? First…Just Breathe!” ~Anonymous

We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. When we are juggling marriage, family, career, bills, getting up at 6 AM and just running ragged all day long – sound familiar?

I remember onetime while I was with Morgan Stanley, I was travelling so often – so many different destinations, doing so many different meetings…that I actually got on the wrong plane, and got very indignant when a passenger told me I was in his seat. Oops…I was in the right seat, but on the wrong plane!

How do you deal with the increasing stress of trying to do too much? Becoming overwhelmed is no fun. Step 1: Just Breathe! Martha Becks – says in her article Advice on how to keep from being overwhelmed. “First unclog your overwhelming brain. To begin… free your attention by closing your eyes and taking slow deep breathes. Concentrate only on the feeling, sound, taste and smell of the air going into and out of your lungs”. Just Breathe!

Step 2: is to not become overwhelmed in the first place. Make sense? O.K….But How? Prioritize – I have always been a great list maker. Each evening I make a list of activities for the next day. There are only so many hours in the day, so make your list, then label the activities by importance of completion. Priority A: has to be done TODAY. Priority B: What you would like to accomplish today after all the A’s are done. Priority C: If you have extra time (these can easily be moved to later on in the week). They may then become A’s – if their deadline is approaching.

For example, my list today is:

  1. 10 AM appointment with Ki Empowerment Holistic Center – A
  2. Prep for tonight’s class in “The Art of Having It All” – A
  3. Brush and groom my dogs – B
  4. Exercise – B
  5. Buy Easter Cards – C


To define the order of importance, ask yourself “What would be the result, if I did not complete that task today”? Well, if I missed my appointment or did not prepare for the class I teach tonight that would be really bad – so these are definitely A’s.

But, if I don’t get to brush the dogs or exercise, I can always do that tomorrow, not much of a problem…these are B’s. And…if I don’t get to buy Easter cards today, …No Big Deal…Easter is not until April 5th so I still have plenty of time – C.

When you start list making, start small – so you can find success by completing all of your A’s and most of your B’s…maybe even a C or two. As you start to feel strong, confident and stress free, add a few more. If you start again to feel overwhelmed, cut back and BREATHE!

Start to trust your Universal Manager (The Universe). Revamp your list to put the A’s on the left side under “Things I do”, and the B’s and C’s on the right side under “Things I would like the Universe to help me with”. Then identify your desire and get out of the way and let it happen.

Once you transfer items to the Universe’s side – your resistance (stress) will begin to lessen and your vibration will begin to lift. You will be amazed at how easily you can now accomplish your own side of the list.

Be open to opportunities that come from the Universe that help you complete those B’s and C’s. Remember, when you ask it is given. This is called the Placemat Process (by Esther Hicks) by giving some tasks up to the Universe.

Have fun trying this Placemat Process – that stated from Esther writing her list down on a paper placement while at a restaurant. Work on the A’s and ALLOW and TRUST the Universe with your B’s and C’s…and just BREATHE!

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” ~Anonymous


I take one task at a time.

Everything will get done…no worries!

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