Overwhelmed – Calmly Balanced 2 Tips for 2016

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Overwhelmed-–-Calmly-Balanced“Feeling overwhelmed? First…Just Breathe!” ~Anonymous

Congratulations…we all made it through the holidays! It is such a wonderful time of love and sharing…but may also be a time of being stressed and overwhelmed. And now taking the decorations down and the charge card bills are coming in…that may not help with feeling up and happy about the new year. What to do?

I have come up with 2 Tips that have always helped me have a fun and bright outlook to get back on the “happy track”.

1. Love and accept yourself and others. We are all the source of many wonderful things. So why is it so hard for many of us to love, and accept ourselves just as we are?

We didn’t used to be that way…as babies we loved everything about ourselves.   Ever see a baby laugh and play with his toes? It is pure love and acceptance. Ever hear that baby say “My hips are too big…or I’m stupid…or I’m too this or that?” NO…Never…That’s because babies live in the moment…and they have the innate courage to love and adore themselves.

Then what happens? We grow up and start listening to others…parents and family members…and here comes the criticism, resentment, guilt…If we grew up in a family where criticism was the norm… we probably grew up to be critical of everything…especially ourselves. Suddenly our hips were too big…or we were stupid….

The old family patterns… But now we are all grown up. It may be easy to blame our parents or others…but that keeps us stuck. You are in charge now. You are a deliberate creator…it doesn’t matter what the old family patterns were. You choose your own thoughts – you create your own reality. What really matters is NOW!

One of the most powerful affirmations I have ever used is one from Louise HayI love, approve and accept myself” As you say this – pay attention to any negative messages that might come up.

Also note how you are feeling when you say this affirmation…do you feel a little better each time you say it?…”I love, approve and accept myself”

Say this with feeling several times a day and you’ll be amazed at the releasing and love you will feel.

Once you allow your own self love and acceptance – it will be much easier to love and accept others. Your vibration will be raised as will your self worth and acceptance.

2. Know your WHY. Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behavior. You gain instant clarity, like being reintroduced to yourself. When you know your WHY, you begin to understand why you made the choices you made, as well as the choices you will make. You know what your value is, what people can count on you for, what you bring to the table, your world begins to make more sense. It is who you are and what you believe.

Once you know and understand the Power of your WHY…your stress and sense of being overwhelmed melts away. And who doesn’t want that right? For more info on discovering your WHY…check out the link and testimonials below…

“Love yourself – accept yourself – forgive yourself – and be good to yourself, because without you, the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.” ~Leo Buscaglia

I love and accept myself daily.
Each day I take a bit of time for myself.


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Knowing your WHY is like turning on the lights to your behavior. You gain instant clarity. You begin to understand why you made the choices you made. You know what your special gift is. Your world begins to make more sense.

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