My “WHY” Story

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My-“WHY”-Story“What a gift! The “WHY” process has been truly life transforming.”  ~Cathy Brown

“The Power of Your WHY”

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In preparation for tonight’s teleseminar… (hope to see you all there)…I want to share my “WHY” story with you.

There are 9 WHYs. None is better than any other; it’s just that one special WHY resonates with you. On tonight’s teleseminar, I’ll go through the process of finding yours.

My WHY is …To Create Relationships Built on Trust.

Before Knowing My WHY

Personally: Growing up I had many friends – as an adult a few close friends. I was married with 2 daughters and divorced 15 years. I was extremely competitive, always wanting to be the best – always testing myself.

Professionally: As an educated individual (Master’s in Business Administration), I began my career as a High School teacher, and then expanded into sales/marketing. I made mid six figures in financial services, always pushing myself to excel; but never really feeling I fit in. I became my career, giving it 110% of my life. I became the manager of the top producing office in the Southern region of Morgan Stanley. Then, after managing for 5 years, I was let go without cause. I was devastated, sued and won a settlement, but felt totally betrayed. I did not fully understand those deep devastating feelings until I discovered my WHY.

Seeking out my WHY: About 10 years and 3 sales positions later, I became a Life Coach. Many of my coaching clients had similar confusing experiences without understanding why. What caused their feelings? Why did they react the way they did? As I was working with them, I also was struggling with my Why’s. Most people, sooner or later, lose a job…why was I so devastated?

That’s when my coach and mentor, Christy Whitman, introduced me to Ridgely Goldsborough. Ridgely was looking for coaches to add to his WHY program. I tuned into his webinar and talked to him personally a few times. He did my WHY – and it was like he turned on the light for me.

Discovering My WHY

Within about 20 -30 minutes and sharing 2 short stories, I understood WHY I had been so devastated upon my firing over a decade before. Past events and decisions became clear. It was like a fog had been lifted. I no longer felt there was something wrong with me, I understood, things now made sense. For me, the trust issue was all important; my existence evolved around it. I now understood that it is O.K., that’s just me.

There felt as if a “shift” has taken place, a sense of understanding and clarity. Throughout the next few days my confidence grew. I remembered experiences through my childhood that now made sense. Friends and relationships from my past came into focus with a deep understanding. I felt a calm and peace that I had never felt before. I finally really knew and understood my true authentic self. It was such a wonderful feeling that I couldn’t wait to share it with everybody.

After Discovering my WHY

Personally: I now truly understand myself and the importance of trusting relationships to me. I have always had dogs in my life (beautiful collies) and now I know why. (That‘s me with my collie, Leo, in the photo). My animals give unconditional love, never betray and are always trusting. I feel joy and comfort from having them in my life. I am now able to sense trust or lack of trust in my current relationships and don’t waste my time with those who don’t share my trust factor.

Professionally: Knowing my WHY has enhanced the way I conduct and market my coaching career.   I am able to gain a better insight while interviewing new clients and picking projects and courses to teach. I am a better coach because I understand myself better. Through that understanding, I am learning to love and accept myself. That acceptance helps everyone I come into contact with.

I now process everything I do, say or think about through my WHY filter. It’s truly amazing how more comfortable I feel in my own skin. I am more considerate, patient and compassionate in dealing with myself and others.

Through discovering my WHY, it’s like I have been reintroduced to myself. I now understand the decisions I have made in the past and will make in the future. In short, I understand and accept why I do what I do. The increased clarity and confidence have been amazing.

Dial in tonight and see for yourself.

Thank you for listening. I would be honored to assist you in discovering your WHY.


“When you know your WHY – you realize your unique gift.” ~Ridgely Goldsborough


I am learning to be my true authentic self.
I am gaining confidence and clarity each day.

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