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Manifesting“Whether you experience the creative process as spontaneous and easy, or as slow and difficult, depends on how much balance you are able to strike between the inner and outer forces.” ~Christy Whitman

Is manifesting our desires magic? Do we need our own “inner magician? Sometimes it may seem so.   But there is a simple process that we all can use to bring into our lives whatever we want. REALLY! It’s the process of manifestation…and for the next 4 weeks, I will share the components to live life just as you wish. These principles are based on the book,” The Art of Having It All” by Christy Whitman. I am very familiar with these principles as I am teaching Christy’s course online and will be teaching it in Columbus, Ohio starting May 9.

The 1st step in manifesting is to realize that everything we bring to us starts as a thought, a vibration inside of us. You know that everything is energy. Life is like a dance between our inner and outer energetic vibrations.

It’s been said that 4% of our being is manifested as material form, while 96% is pure, unmanifested, energetic potential – formless and intangible. Imagine what we could manifest if we could just access some of that remaining 96%?

From early childhood many of us were brought up to believe that happiness comes from the outside; when I get a new boyfriend/girlfriend or make more money, or lose 10 pounds…then I’ll be happy. This “backwards” thinking sets us up for disappointment.

As Christy says “anytime we are looking outside ourselves for inner experiences such as approval, recognition, acceptance or love we are coming from a mindset of lack – meaning that nothing or no one will ever be enough to fill the void.” It might be O.K. for awhile – but long term – we end up feeling empty asking what’s next?”

The outside in approach to manifestation and happiness is a disconnect from our true inner source of power – our own energetic magnetic power. The Universe is always listening – not to our external words – but our internal energy (vibrations). It then matches your energy (positive or negative) to like energy. So…when you are sending out vibrations of happiness, appreciation, empowerment, freedom – you are consistent with abundance. Guess what you bring to you? YES… the good stuff! Those great vibes (vibrations) bring more situations, people and events that lead us (if we are open) to what we want.

Good thoughts and vibrations feel good. The better our feelings (emotions) become, the more we become in tune with our own energy – and the more we can work from within.

Everything is a reflection of your vibrations (which starts on the inside). You are the creator of your own vibrations. Always remember that the inner thoughts and vibrations create the outer manifestations. That is the secret to creating your desires.

Next week we will talk about the importance of clarity in the manifestation process.

“What we achieve inwardly will change our outer reality.” ~Otto Rank


I pay attention to how I feel, because how I feel tells me the kind of vibrations I am sending out to the Universe

I am open to the situations, people and events that are coming to help me attain my desires

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    • Thank you so much for your newsletters! I have not been feeling the positive vibes for a while, and I am now in tune to a beautiful, energizing, exciting outlook. I am loving this great new feeling! Thank you!

      • So happy to hear you are enjoying the newsletters and that the positive “vibes” are returning. Isn’t life grand? Keep up that amazing energy.

  1. I always look forward to your Thursday emails. So many times your message is exactly what I need to hear/read. Thank you for all you do!
    BTW I met you at the Universal Expo last fall. Had no idea what a positive influence you would continue to be in my life after our first meeting.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so glad the Happy Thoughts are helping.

      If you plan to attend the Universal Life Expo this weekend at the Ohio Expo Center at the Fairgrounds, pleas stop by. I’ll be in booth # 341.

    • I love hearing your words. So many of us are all going through life’s journey together. It makes it so much better when we can go through it with love, joy and wonder. Congratulations on your growth. Full speed ahead!

  2. I am so thankful I met you at the light expo. You bring so much light to my life. I just found out that my sister had cancer a few days before I met you. You had a prayer tree that you hung names on.I put her name on that tree and today she is cancer free. Hope to see you again next year in Columbus

    • Oh Sandra, thank you so much for sharing your sister’s recovery. I am so happy to hear about it. I got chills reading about it.

      Your prayers were heard. What a wonderful Universe we live in.

      The Universal Life Expo is at the Ohio Expo Center at the Fairgrounds this weekend. Please stop by and say “Hi” if you attend. And thank you again for sharing your beautiful story.

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