Life is supposed to be FUN!

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happy“Stop over thinking…Be Happy!” ~Marlon Wayans

How many times have you heard your friends or family (our yourself) say ”Man, life is hard – it’s always a struggle to get all my work done, pay bills – there’s so fun for me?”

One of the most popular songs from the Broadway Play and recent movie “Annie” is “It’s a Hard Knock Life”. I used to have a friend, a very negative friend, who would always say, “Life is hard and then we die.” Notice I said “used” to have a friend? It is not productive to hang around with negative people.

Is your glass half empty or half full?   How do you want your life to be? Sure it’s no always sunshine and roses, but – it doesn’t have to be all “pain and no gain” either.

How do you look at life? Are you “seeking the silver Lining” in your life challenges? Are you looking for a fun adventure is all you do? It all comes down to your perception. Do your vibrations send out fun and excitement or just the daily grind?

Many years ago when I started my career as a stock broker, my first task was to cold call on the telephone to build a book of business. Back then I was given index cards with names and phone numbers to call and try to convince them that I was their “go to person” for investments. Strictly cold calls…calls to people who I didn’t know and who didn’t know me. We used to call is “Dialing for Dollars”.

It’s been over 30 years and I can still remember my pitch “Hello, I am Cathy Brown from Morgan Stanley Financial Services. Do you like tax free income?” My goal was to make 200 dials every day. I even had a stat sheet to mark off each call as a “no answer”, “answer – not interested” or “answer- interested”.

Now, that could have easily been perceived as “Annie” would say …”A Hard Knock Life”. But, I knew if I did not make it a fun game, I would hate my new career and I would fail miserably. So, as I ran the numbers for about a week or two, I figured out my averages.   For every 5 dials I made – 1 would answer. Then for every 10 that answered – 1 would be interested. So each day, if I made my 200 dials, I could expect about 40 people would answer and 4 would be interested. That meant that each week 20 prospects and each month 80 prospects!

Believing those stats, my job (that could have been conceived as real drudgery – and was to many failed brokers – 1st year wash out rate was 60%) became a FUN game. I just couldn’t wait to call the next person because that got me closer to my next prospect. It was FUN, FUN, FUN.

When a mean person answered and was rude, I would politely wish him a nice day – hang up and tear his card up in little pieces while saying to myself “Sorry – your loss” and go on to the next call.

How can you make your day FUN? All it takes is a change of perspective and vibration.


“You’re never going to get to any final place. And so, we want to remember to start having fun along the way.” ~Abraham



Today is a FUN adventure.

I look for the FUN and HAPPINESS in every activity. 

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