Life is Like a Camera

January 21, 2016 by

Life is Like a Camera“FOCUS on what’s important.
CAPTURE the good times.
DEVELOP from the negatives.
And if that doesn’t work…take another shot.

Ever think about life that way?  Actually comparing life to a camera makes a lot of sense spiritually. I guess technically today most of our cameras are our phones and there is not actual film to develop…but let’s look at the bigger picture.

Focus on what’s important: We are deliberate creators of our lives and what we set our intention on, by our vibrations, thoughts and actions, we “focus”…on right?  What are you focusing on today, what you want to happen…or what you don’t want to happen?  It makes a difference…for what we “focus” on…we attract.  Are you setting your intention on attracting more abundance…or stressing over unpaid bills?

• Capture the good times: Each Christmas I find an unusual gift to give my daughters, something that they shake their heads and say…”Well, that’s got to be from Mom”. One year it was a laminated facsimile of a $1,000,000 bill to carry with them to demonstrate to the Universe they are serious about abundance.  This year they both received a “Happy Times Jar”.  This was a large jar (like a mason jar without the lid) labeled “Happy Times” with a post it note pad and pen. The idea is for each family member to write on the note pad any happy thing that happened that day and put it in the jar.  Then at the end of the week (or any predestined time) share them with the family.  It is fun and fosters a “look for the good stuff” mentality.

• Develop from the negatives: What is the purpose of negatives or challenges in our lives? Is the Universe playing cosmic jokes on us?  NO!

It adds a little spice into our lives.  Do we grow more when we are challenged or when life is a piece of cake?  BUT and this is a big BUT…you will notice that the more you grow …the less difficult your challenges become. It’s your development from the negatives!

And always remember…if something doesn’t work…take another shot.  You always have more chances, more potential paths to explore.  Here’s to adventure, positive, growth oriented adventure 2016!

“You are Powerful, You are Beautiful, You are Pure Love.” ~Louise Hay

I focus my intention on what’s important to me.
I take time to appreciate the good times.

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