My Life is Fully Funded

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“The only limits in life are the ones we impose on ourselves” – Bob Proctor

My Life is Fully Funded

Money is mindset. Your thoughts become your reality. That works for money as well. If you keep thinking and worrying about the bills you can’t pay – your thoughts of lack of money become your vibrations that go out into the universe and connect with matching vibrations (bills you can’t pay). Guess what you will receive? You got it…” Like Attracts Like” …you will get more bills you can’t pay. That’s the Law of Attraction at work.

“It is what it is…but it will become what you make it” says the sign sitting on my desk. I look at it daily. What do you want to make it? In this case…more money, right?

The best way to move toward more money is to change your thoughts (and vibrations).

How often have you told yourself or others, “Oh, I just can’t afford that”? Are you coming from lack or abundance? Definitely lack! Here’s an abundant suggestion from the fantastic Lisa Nichols. In that same situation, simply change, “I just can’t afford that” to “It’s not a financial priority right now.”

As you say, “It’s not a financial priority right now” adjust your feeling from one of lack to one of empowered abundant choice. Feel the essence of that statement. You have the financial power to choose. Doesn’t that feel better than “I can’t afford it”?

Please remember, it’s not just the language…it’s the underlying feeling and essence. How does it feel? It feels way more abundant and empowered as you now have the choice to buy or not to buy based on your priorities. You have the power!

Lack to abundance is not always an easy transition. It may not happen overnight, but focusing on feeling the essence of abundance will assist you to move forward in that direction.

Focus on your life being fully funded, having the power to choose how to invest your resources. Give it a try…and create the life you want by having an abundant mindset.



“Improve your money mindset and you will attract more money.” – James Gol Jr. (The Attract Money Guru)


My life is fully funded.

I choose to use my resources according to my priorities.


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