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Law-of-Polarity“Everything in the Universe has a   polar opposite. In every perceived failure lives a success.” ~Marie Pollinow

The final law is the Law of Polarity, and it is a very important and interesting law. The Law of Polarity means that “Unity is plural at a minimum of 2.” Yea…right…what does that mean? It basically means that every subject actually has 2 subjects. Everything has 2 poles…like…hot and cold…black and white…good and bad…high and low. Get the picture?

People don’t realize this – because they are focused on money or love or joy or whatever they want to attract in their lives. They focus on it – because with the Law of Attraction – when you focus on it…it will expand. But when you don’t understand every subject has 2 subjects (ends or poles) you can really get exactly what you don’t want. For example…money… when you focus on the energy behind the money (it can be lack or abundance) which end are you actually on? The lack of money (I don’t have enough money to pay my bills) or the abundance (I want $2,000 for my family vacation). If you focus on the lack pole…I don’t have enough money to pay my bills…What do you think you will get? RIGHT…you will get more “not enough to pay my bills”…you will get lack.

You have a choice to focus your thoughts and vibrations on the lack end or the abundant or even…in the middle…the satisfied, I have enough, but I would like more. Remember the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance? You need to be satisfied and accept your current situation before you may change it.

The thing I love about this law is that you always know which end you are vibrating on by how you feel. How do you feel when you think “I don’t have enough money to my bills?” That’s the lack end…and it probably makes you feel pretty bad…stressed…worried… anxious. Now if you asked for “$2.000 for your family vacation?” How would that make you feel? Probably at least satisfied (in the middle) or happy, exciting, looking forward to having fun with your family, (abundant) end, right?

We are also a Being…a thing…and we also have 2 poles; Metaphysical (our emotions and energy – our Internal – inner being) and Physical (External, action). In order to create what you want in the physical world, you have to use a combination of both. You have to work inside and raise your vibration and raise your energy as well. Once again, everything is energy…every thought carries a vibration and that vibration goes out and communicates with the Universe. That’s where the Law of Attraction takes over and says….”O.K. that’s what they want….here’ ya go…more of what you are asking for.” That’s what comes back to us.

The metaphysical end of the polarity, get the vibration out…and then the physical side needs to take over and do the action necessary to complete the desire. Remember, that’s called inspired action…action that comes to you, is easy and fun.

The key to the Law of Polarity is the combination of the physical and the metaphysical. The physical part of us needs to take action to make things happen in the Universe, while the metaphysical part of us first needs to do the energy work; sending out the positive and abundant vibrations. It is when we combine both the polar opposites (physical and metaphysical) that we create what we truly desire.

Well, that completes the 7 Essential Universal Laws. Now you have all the info to manifest whatever it is that you desire. Next week I will give you a summary of all the laws, and how they work together, in case you may have missed some or just would like to have a shortened version…a cheat sheet (remember those days?)

Until next Thursday enjoy your manifesting!

*Based on the teachings of Christy Whitman

“The Law of Polarity states within everything contains its opposite. One aspect of a quality cannot be experienced without the existence of the opposing aspect.” ~Vedam Clemente



I work with both the physical and metaphysical parts of myself in creating my desires

I focus on the abundant pole and feel good emotionally


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