Law of Allowing – Part 2

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Law-of-Allowing“I am open to the frequency of    abundance and I allow it to manifest in   my life now”. ~Emmanuel Daghor


Last week we talked about Allowing; in your relationship with yourself and in your relationship with others. How is that going? I know, it is easier said than done, but well worth the effort, I promise you.

Let’s get into the 3rd aspect of the Law of Allowing – Your relationship with the Universe. When you want the Universe to bring you something, do you allow the Universe to bring it to you in the perfect and right time? Do you TRUST that the Universe is going to come through for you? Or, are you fighting against the timing and imposing your timing onto when it “should” happen?

Back in my Morgan Stanley days, I had been transferred from the New York Region to sunny Florida to run a branch in Tampa. I was there about 6 months, brought a house and thought I had made the transition from the fast paced New York City to leisurely Florida – and thought all was well. I had raised the office revenues, hired successful stock brokers, and even brought my dream car, a silver Lexus hardtop convertible sports car. Life was good…no life was great! Then suddenly, out of the blue (so I thought) I got fired. Seems that the Regional Management changed and the new guy in charge wanted to put his buddy in my job. I was devastated. It took me some time to realize how to benefit from the Law of Allowing. If I kept being against the firing, being in resistance, – focusing on…why did this happen to me or what I could I have done differently, that’s not being in the place of allowing/acceptance. THE IMPORTANT KEY HERE…You have to be in a place of accepting to move forward. It doesn’t happen overnight…and I’ll never approve of the way I was treated…but…I learned to accept it, so I could move on with my life. If you stay devastated, angry, and depressed who are you hurting? Right, yourself. If that firing had not happened, I probably wouldn’t have become a life coach and wouldn’t be sharing here with your today. It was really for my benefit. I am now the happiest I have ever been.

The Law of Allowing is really about acceptance. It is another way of thinking…a way of surrender. Surrender into “What Is” doesn’t mean you never want to create something different in your life, it means, this is what your life is, right now…accepting what is and then moving forward and creating what you want.

I honestly confess that I struggled with this law. Developing this mindset takes a lot of practice – especially if you are a strong willed person – but it is absolutely essential. We must learn to allow in order to RECIEVE!

In addition to allowing, we must also TRUST that the Universe will come through for us. … What is Trust? If we break it down by its letters:

T – To

R – Rely

U – Upon

S – Spirit

T – Totally

Trust is the opening of the heart, believing in yourself and in the abundance of the Universe. Trust is knowing that you are part of the process of creating, and believing in your ability to draw to you what you want.

You can develop trust by putting your ideas into action, getting feedback and seeing the results. Every time you are willing to take a risk, you increase your ability to trust and believe in yourself. The action you take demonstrates to the Universe that you intend to have what you want. It’s kinda like you are launching an idea…or starting the process with the inspired action (an idea from the Universe).

So…take some action to demonstrate to the Universe that you intend to have what you want. That action may not be the exact action that brings your desire directly to you, but, your intent signals the Universe you are serious in your intention. Your action may bring a chance encounter with someone who can assist you in reaching your desires or another idea of the next action to take. Be open and allow the “magic” to happen.

The Law of Allowing is about acceptance and trust with yourself, others and especially the Universe.   Next week… it’s The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. It’s the glue that holds all the other laws together.

Here’s wishing you all a safe and fun 4th of July holiday.

“Trust and Allowing are the same thing”. ~Abraham

*Based on the teachings of Christy Whitman


I trust the Universe to manifest my desires

I accept my life as it is and create my life as I want it to be

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  1. Cathy, I’m printing out this week’s happy thoughts for my 88 yr. old mother. I’ve been telling her exactly the same thing but she won’t listen to me. I’m hoping she’ll read your words and the message will sink in.Thanks so much!

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