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February 19, 2015 by

itsyourturn“When you want something all the Universe
conspires inhelping you to achieve it.”

For the last few weeks I have been writing about how to design your life the way you want it by focusing and releasing resistance to prepare yourself to “Have It All”.  Are you ready to create it?  You know you have the power to create it, right?  Now it’s your turn!
Since I became a Law of Attraction Life Coach, my life has positively transformed. It is so true what they say…”You teach what you need to learn.”  I have been experiencing so many “Having It All” moments.

One of those moments was my trip to Scottsdale, Arizona last week to spend a day with my Mentor, Christy Whitman.   That’s our photo above.  We spent the day setting my 2015 Business Vision, including plans for the upcoming course, based on Christy’s new book that I have been telling you about, “The Art of Having It All – A Women’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance”.

That photo of Christy and me (above) was taken just after massages at the resort spa.  Do we look, rested, abundant and happy?  Yes…Yes…Yes!  I have decided what my personal “Having It All” means to me (it is different for each of us).Now I’m creating it by using Christy’s manifestation equation:

Clarity+ Alignment + Action = Manifestation

It is bringing so much joy, happiness and fun into my life.  I am working from the inside out.  How cool is that?

As one of the authorized instructors, I have been living the material, I can truly say the “Art of Having It All” 8 week course is nothing short of amazing.  Just by preparing and practicing the course principles my energy is increasing and more and more “Having It All” moments are appearing.

We all can live the life of our dreams.    Let’s start today.  Let me know what having it all means to you.  Drop me a line below.

If you would like more information on creating your “Having It All” life, there is a FREE Webinar tomorrow, Friday 2/20, explaining how you can design your “Having It All” life, as you define it, as you want it, you have the power to design it.

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I’ll be there, hope you will be there too!

“Intention is your gig. Miracles are mine” ~The Universe


I believe I can Have my All

I design my life as I want it to be

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