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imagination“Don’t pursue happiness – Create it”

I sometimes hear people ask, “I don’t know if I am truly focusing on my thoughts or just imagining them”. According the Abraham, “Imagination is the mixing and massaging of thoughts into various combinations”. It is similar to observing/watching what is in your life currently, – but… when you imagine, you are creating the thoughts you want, rather than just observing them. When you observe, you are just a bystander – what happens, just happens, you can only react to it

When you imagine, you are taking control of your thoughts and focusing on what you want. You are formulating a story or scenario. It may feel like you are “just making it up”, but that’s O.K. This is because even though you feel that you are “just making it up” you are directing your focus and attention on what you want to manifest. Where do thoughts come from? You have to make them up, right?

By using your imagination you focus on the desired outcome of producing a positive emotion. The positive emotion feels good and tells you that you are having positive thoughts. And what do positive thoughts do? Yes, Yes, Yes… positive thoughts send positive vibrations out to the Universe to match with other positive vibrations. Those matching positive vibrations send your desired manifestations back to you.

So…when you use your imagination, you start the ball rolling to becoming a Deliberate Creator of your own life. Pretty cool, right? Yeah…Way Cool!

Take control of your life…start imagining what you want today!

“As you are envisioning yourself within that which you are imaging, you are attracting the circumstances whereby you will find the means to create it.” ~ Abraham


Imagination is my first step to creating

I enjoy imagining my desires and do it daily

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