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aha-book-3d-new“All you need is love.”
~ The Beatles

True or False…it is possible to “Have It All?”  If you said False, you are not alone as many people believe that we have to give up something to get something else…it’s a trade off.  Like many women who have great careers, but not so great family lives; or have all the material “stuff” such as big houses, luxury cars, fabulous clothes,  but still feel unfulfilled inside.

That’s sad, and really unnecessary if you are willing to change your perceptions and do a little internal work.  So… the correct answer to “Can You Truly Have It All?” is an overwhelming YES…YES…YES. You CAN really have it all.

In the next few weeks I will offer tips giving you the opportunity to learn how to “Have It All”.  These tips I will be sharing are from my friend and mentor, NY Times bestselling author Christy Whitman’s newest book,”The Art of Having It All”.  I will also share with you how you can get the book (pictured above) even before it is published in late February.

For next week, please spend some time deciding what “Having It All” means to you.  It is different for everyone.  It may not necessarily be the fame and fortune on might think.  For some it may be peace of mind and the joy of family or helping others, or the abundance to do what you want when you want to do it.

As Christy says,”Having our it and our all is not about doing or having or being every possible thing there is to do and have and be.  It’s about manifesting those experiences in life that call our attention and that speak to our unique values, dreams, hopes and desires.” As I said before, it is totally different for each one of us.  What is your “Having It All?”

As a special gift, please click on the link below to see Christy interview Jack Canfield, the noted author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.  Jack reveals what “Having It All” means to him.   Enjoy!


“Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by tapping sandwiches all over your body”
~George Carlin, from “The Art of Having It All” by Christy Whitman


I can have my all.

My All is…………..and I believe I can achieve it.

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