Having a Bad Day?

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“Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.”
~ Laugh it out- u-tumblr

Having a Bad Day

Ever had a bad day? I guess that is kind of a dumb question. Who hasn’t had a bad day? Hopefully it hasn’t included meeting a lion while camping.

It’s inevitable. At some point in your life, you’re bound to have a tough day.

Most likely you’ll have many hard days.

Maybe your alarm didn’t wake you up, your boss growled at you, the kids said embarrassing things to a stranger, you broke a dish, the cat threw up in your shoe or someone parked in your parking space.

There are just some days that make you feel completely miserable. When you’re having a bad day, here’s some tips from the Abundance Project to turn things around and refresh your outlook on life.

Remember that it’s only temporary. A bad day can consume all of your thoughts, and it might seem like things will never get any better. Although you’ve likely heard this before, remember that nothing in life is permanent. Whatever issues you are dealing with right now, they will probably seem much smaller in just a few days.

Think back to a bad day you had years ago. You’ve overcome those problems since then, and you might even look back at some bad memories with a sense of humor now. Remember that, just like the saying goes, “this too shall pass.”

Allow yourself to feel and acknowledge your emotions. Don’t fight how you’re feeling. Instead of trying to tell yourself that you’re not sad or upset or angry, give yourself permission to experience those emotions.

Think about not just how you’re feeling but also why you feel that way. Recognizing and acknowledging your own thoughts and feelings is the first step in the process of eventually feeling better.

It’s completely normal to feel sad or stressed or mad or humiliated sometimes. It’s perfectly normal to not experience constant bliss. Distress and adversity is what makes you stronger in life. And…how can you totally appreciate the peaks without visiting the valleys once in a while?

Distract yourself with good things. Although it’s a good idea to let yourself fully feel your emotions, sometimes you just want a distraction from a bad day. Immerse yourself in something else. This could be a good book, game, music, conversation, exercise, video or anything that helps take your mind off of what’s upsetting you.

One method that many people turn to when they’re not having a good day is to spend some time helping someone else. Walk dogs or play with cats at the local animal shelter. Cook and share a meal with someone. Helping out your community can give your mind something new on which you can focus entirely, and you’ll be doing a good deed at the same time.

Think about solutions, but hold off on drastic decisions. It’s tempting to try to fix your problems right away, but that can sometimes make things even worse. If you’re extremely upset, you probably aren’t in the right mindset to think critically and make good decisions.

Focus on the main problem you are facing, then begin thinking of solutions. However, don’t write an angry email to your boss or tell your roommate to get lost just yet. Write down any solutions that you want to remember, and remind yourself that you can always act on them later when you are feeling more in control. This way, you are focusing on making your life better but also saving the drastic actions until you are calmer.

Let go of things you can’t change. There will always be problems that you cannot fix.

When you come across something that you feel ruins your day, think about whether it’s something you can control or something that you can never change.

You can change your own actions and how you react to situations, but you can’t change other people’s actions or outside factors. If it’s something that is completely out of your hands, just let it go. Of course, this is easy to say and difficult to do. However, the more you practice letting things go, the easier it becomes.

Realize that if you change your mood, you just might change your day too. When you’re upset or under a lot of stress, it’s easy to think that your whole day is ruined. However, you’re not obligated to have a terrible day just because a few bad things happened. Give yourself permission to feel your emotions then move on to something happier. The more time you spend moping around, the less time you have to enjoy your day. You’re capable of turning a bad situation around.

Remember that bad days happen to everyone. Sometimes everything just seems to go wrong, but it doesn’t mean your whole day has to be ruined. Take a deep breath, then use these tips to help turn your situation around and start feeling better.

Once you improve your mood and your outlook on life, nothing can stop you from having a great day. Remember…Change Your Thoughts…and Change Your life.

“Things sometimes fall apart so that other things can fall together.” ~ Anonymous


I acknowledge and work through my emotions.

I let go of things I can’t change.

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