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gratitude“Gratitude gives you wings to fly  higher”. ~Association for Earth Angels

One can’t manifest more without being appreciative for what they already have. As Esther and Jerry Hicks write in their bestselling book “Ask and It Is Given”, the vibration of appreciation is the most powerful connection between the Physical You and the Non-Physical You. The more you practice appreciation, the less resistance you will have in your own vibration that you send out to the Universe. The less resistance you have, the better your life will be. Also, by practicing appreciation/gratitude, you will become accustomed to the feeling of higher vibrations, so that if you ever revert to an old pattern that causes resistance, you will notice it early on, before the vibration gets too strong.

The more you find something to appreciate, the better it feels; the better it feels, the more you want to do it. In this wonderful-feeling vibration where no resistance exists, you will be in a high state of allowing; you will be in the vibrational state where the things that you desire can flow easily into your experience.

Last week we talked about how life is supposed to be FUN. Let’s make it fun right now by playing a FUN game called “The Rampage of Appreciation” (written by Esther Hicks). It can be played anywhere and at any time because it is a game that is easily played simply by directing pleasant thoughts in your mind.

You begin by looking around your immediate area and gently noticing something that pleases you. Try to hold your attention on this pleasing object as you consider how wonderful, beautiful or useful it is. And as you focus upon it longer, your positive feelings about it will increase.

Now notice your improved feeling, and be appreciative of the way you feel. Then once your good feeling is noticeably stronger than when you began, look around and choose another pleasing object for your positive attention.

For example: I am sitting at my desk and I have a photo of my family that we took on vacation in Myrtle Beach a few years ago. My Rampage of Appreciation might be…

  1. I love that photo
  2. We had such a great time on that vacation
  3. I love my family
  4. Wow, look how much the grand kids have grown
  5. I love how happy we all look
  6. I am so grateful we can all be together so often

Once you become comfortable looking for things to appreciate, you will find your day will be filled with them. Your thoughts and feelings of appreciation will flow from you naturally. And often while in the midst of a genuine feeling of appreciation you might even feel goose bumps – those sensations are confirming your alignment with your Source/Universe.

A desire to appreciate is a very good first step, and then as you find more things that you would like to say “Thank You” for, it quickly gains momentum. And as you appreciate it, you attract something more to appreciate, until in time, you are drawing more positivity to you!

After you get the hang of it, you can play the “Rampage of Appreciation” game by just thinking of a person or situation that makes you happy and appreciative. You don’t actually have to be in front of it. What a FUN way to pass the time while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, or waiting in the car to pick your child up from school. Where else can you practice appreciation?

To manifest more in your life, first, appreciate what you already have.


“Appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking” ~Abraham



I appreciate my blessings daily

Expressing my gratitude fills me with joy

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