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“Stay focused and extra sparkly.” ~

Once you have clarity, you need to declare your intention (writing it down helps), and put your attention on that intention. That’s kind of a tongue twister, isn’t it? “Put your attention, on your intention.” In another words, focus on your clearly defined goal.

By focusing, I mean, put your energy and emotion into having that desire. Feel and focus on the “essence” of your goal.

Essence can be defined as the basic, real and intense nature, and indispensable quality. Spiritually, it is an inner knowing and emotional feeling. Behind every desire, is the longing to experience a certain feeling.

Let’s say you want to create a cool, sports car. That was my overwhelming, almost obsessive goal when I was working at Morgan Stanley back in the 1990’s. I was “in love” with the Lexus hard top convertible. The essence of my “dream car” was the feeling I had when driving it. I could feel the wind blowing through my hair, the feeling of pushing down the accelerator on the freeway heading to the beach, the scent of the salt sea air, the roar of the engine, the feeling like a million bucks, totally abundance, the freedom of the fun-loving lifestyle. This is feeling, the “essence”. I was really, really feeling it!

It’s relatively easy to get this emotional high after you have acquired the object of your intention, but the key is to create those feelings BEFORE you physically have it!

Imagine or visualize you already have it. I know it sounds childish, but who has a more wondrous imagination than a child? Try it! Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and start telling yourself a story about how you will be when you manifest what you want.

Remember those great stories we told as a kid? How creative we were, especially when we were trying to talk our way out of trouble? Mom, I really didn’t break that lamp, here’s what happened… Let’s return to those days filled with wonder and imagination to visualize our new story, specifically how our life will be when our desire arrives. Feel the fulfillment and the inspiration. That’s focus.


“Starve your distraction – Feed your focus.” ~


I visualize and feel the essence of my desires.

I put my total attention on my intention.


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