Fixin To

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“Momentum demands Movement.” ~

Fixin To

Last week we spoke of the importance of Alignment – Momentum, and how some of us seem to get the Alignment, but get stuck when it comes to the taking action, moving forward…the momentum part. The “getting stuck” may come from many reasons/excuses such as being afraid, feeling the need for more prep time or research, or lacking in confidence. Last week I brought up the term “Fixin’ To”.

Please let me explain…. “Fixin’ To”… that’s a southern term. If any of you are from the South, I apologize if I offend you, because “Fixin’ To” is not one of my favorite phrases.

I’d like to share with you a story about how I came upon this phrase, “Fixin’ To”.

About 18 years ago, when I was living in New York City, working for Morgan Stanley, my oldest daughter, Andrea, married a Southern boy from Alabama. I would go down to visit them every chance I got. I remember one Summer visit sitting on her in-law’s front porch with her father-in-law, John. We were enjoying the summer day, sitting in rocking chairs each with a glass of delicious sweet tea.

We were both rocking and enjoying each other’s company when John’s wife poked her head out the screen door and asked John, “Are you going to cut the grass today?” John sort of smiled and replied “Honey, I’m Fixin’ To”.

We both returned to our conversation and our sweet tea. About a half hour later, John’s wife returned with the same request, now with a tinge of anger in her voice, as she asked, “JOHN…WHAT ABOUT THE GRASS!” Once again, John replied, “Honey, I told you I’m FIXIN’ TO!”

Do you think the grass got cut that day?

You see, John was in alignment with the beautiful day and having fun spending time and conversation with me. And maybe he had the intention to cut the grass…but where was the Momentum/Action? It was non-existent at the moment.

So…when you set your intention and align with the Universe, what do you do next? Are you moving forward or still rocking on your porch? Always take time to rest and enjoy life…but not when it’s time for taking action.

Please remember this “hangin’ out rocking chair visual” when you feel stuck, unable to move forward for whatever reason, and decide…is this the time for relaxation…or is this the time to kick butt and take names. The Universe is ready, willing and able to support you in manifesting your dreams. Are you ready and committed to take that first step?

If so, right now, set an intention for something you want to manifest. Choose whatever you want. Then take a piece of paper and number it


Write down 3 action steps you are committed to take this week to start and continue that momentum. The Universe is waiting. Are you ready?

“The Law of Momentum – An object in motion will stay in motion until it meets a resisting force. Keep pushing forward.” ~


I am in Momentum mode

I am moving forward…not “Fixin’ To”


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