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FearThe poor turtle above certainly looks fearful.  Are you like the turtle, afraid to come out of your shell?  We are not born with fear, we grew into our fears.  We learned most of them from our parents, teachers and friends.  As a child, instilling some fears into us was understandable.  Our parents didn’t want us to burn our hand on a hot stove or run into the traffic on a busy street.  Our safety was at stake.  But some fear is not for our safety and may be sabotaging our growth.

Last week we briefly talked about the Law of Attraction, where things of a like vibration are drawn to each other.  This meeting of vibrations causes energy to move and changes in our lives happen.  This energy is moved when we take action.  Some people allow fear to inhibit them from taking needed action.  They are afraid of making a mistake or becoming a failure.  That stops progress. They key here is to know and believe that, and this is really important, THERE IS NO FAILURE…ONLY FEEDBACK! That feedback offers valuable insight – maybe you need to change direction, get back on track, and examine new opportunities.

John Olson, my mentor and boss from Morgan Stanley used to say “You learn so much more from your so called failure than from your successes because they provide valuable feedback”.  If fear is blocking or restricting your forward progress, change your thinking.

            Look at fear for what it is …F.E.A.R…False Evidence Appearing Real.  When you think of fear in those terms…it takes the power out of it. Just remember, False Evidence Appearing Real.  By changing your perception, you can change your life.

”The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

                                                            Joseph Campbell

”Fears are educated into us, and can, be educated out”.

                                                            Karl Agustus Menninger


          I am confident and strong.

          I am powerful and fearless.

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