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essence“Essence is nothing but energy, and energy exists both within us and without us” ~ Christy Whitman

A very important part of the Law of Attraction (your vibrations attract like vibrations) is feeling the ESSENCE of your desire. Behind every desire is the longing to experience a certain feeling. The underlying reason you want something is because you believe that having it will make you FEEL a certain way.

To discover this inner feeling driving your desire – you simply ask yourself: “Why do I want it?” If you want more money, it’s probably not because of the color or feel of the paper. You want it because you want to experience the feeling you believe the money will bring – like – empowerment, freedom, worthiness. This feeling is the ESSENCE of your desire.

No matter what you want in the external world – what you are really seeking is the feeling of this “internal essence”. Learning to connect with, vibrate and feel this ESSENCE energy inside yourself, before you manifest it is the key to attracting it into your life.

Feel it – before you actually have it. Sounds kind of crazy, but feeling the ESSENCE of your desire NOW, before you actually get it… feeds, inspires, and fulfills you. It also assures you that your vibration is positive and will attract other positive vibrations. Remember, like attracts like. When you feel inspired and fulfilled, your vibrations soar and your desires come quicker. It’s all about those “Good Vibrations”.

Our point of attraction determines what we bring into our lives. Connecting with the ESSENCE is like plugging into the Universal stream of energy. It’s all about energy and how to how to keep it as high as possible.
Next week we move on to Universal Law #2…The Law of Deliberate Creation. Do you want to be a Deliberate or Default Creator? See you next week!

“The true meaning of any manifestation is the internal feeling it gives the manifester”. ~ Abraham Hicks


I feel the true essence of my desire while I’m sending out my vibrations to the Universe

By feeling the essence of what I desire, I am more open to receive it

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