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ego of spirit“The 1st half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego. The 2nd half is going inward and letting go of it.” ~CG Jung

As I mentioned last week, there are two primary emotions: love and fear. Love is of the Spirit and fear is of the ego. The ego focuses on the image we have of ourselves, and it is usually false. The false image we have is something that we learned from our parents, teachers, and society as a whole. The ego is the one that tells us our bodies, our jobs, our relationships, and what we have is who we are, and it is never enough. We need to release this identification to ego, in order to learn who we really are. The ego always keeps us in the mindset of thinking we are never enough. Remember…with the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance and the Law of Attraction, if we continue to believe that we are not enough, that is what we will create in our lives.

The ego identifies with what we do in the world, what clothes we wear, what car we drive, what neighborhood we live in, who we are dating or married to, how our children behave or what our bodies look like. All of these identities thrive on approval and control.

The Spirit, which is our true self and the essence of our being, is completely free of outside conditions, circumstances or anything external. It does not care who is superior or inferior. It does not compete and compare because everyone is unique and different, yet at the same time, everyone is the same and connected. It does not fear any life circumstance, because it does not know fear, if only knows love. Criticism does not hurt the soul because the soul cannot be hurt, it is eternal.

If you feel you have limitations in your life, your ego will feel fear and desire things that will make you feel “free”, such as money, prestige and power. What happens to you when these objects disappear? What if you have all the money you want, and then suddenly it is gone? Your freedom was conditional. Your “power” only lasts as long as the conditions are there.

I previously shared my story of being “let go” from Morgan Stanley while managing an office in Florida when we were talking about Allowing/Accepting. The point here was you need to accept things the way they are to allow yourself to move forward. Why is that so hard to do? For many of us, myself included, it is because of our ego. While at Morgan Stanley, I had a “HUGE” ego. In fact, I was my career. My self image came from the “power”, the position, money and the prestige of being a high powered manager at one of the world’s largest financial institutions. When that was all taken away…I did not know who I was. The fear, doubt, worry and stress overtook me. I had to rebuild my life based in love (Spirit) not fear (ego). It did not happen overnight, and I am still a work in progress, but I am growing in love each and every day. If I can do it, I know for sure that you can too.

If you know and develop a relationship with “Source” and act “as if” you are part of the “Source”, you will be in touch with pure potentiality. That is why the practice of meditation is so powerful. When you allow yourself to be silent and just “be”, you develop a connection with Source, and with your Pure Potentiality.

You are unlimited, and when you know only love, there is no need for fear, and in the absence of fear, you will know that you are part of Pure Potentiality. Anything is possible, because nothing is impossible. When you are in alignment with the Law of Pure Potentiality, you will feel centered, at peace and in true alignment with Spirit, the Universe.

The key here is to let go of ego and become your true self by aligning with Spirit.

We are hitting the home stretch, with only 2 more laws to go. Next week we will discuss another way of allowing…The Law of Detachment.

*Based on the teachings of Christy Whitman

   “If it’s complicated it’s from ego. Spirit is simple.”


I am living through Spirit, not ego.
I grow in love each and every day.

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