Creating Powerful Affirmations

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“Every thought we think is creating our future.” – Louise Hay

Creating Powerful Affirmations

I end each weekly Happy Thought Thursday with 2 affirmations. These are positive phrases which you repeat to yourself describing how you want your life to be. With constant repetition, they sink into your subconscious mind and you start to believe them and eventually they become your reality. They can become your self-fulfilling prophecy. Natalie Ledwell, a best-selling author, speaker and creator of Mind Movies offers steps to create powerful affirmations to start manifesting and creating the life you want.

  1. Start with the words, “I Am…”

These two words are extremely powerful as your brain knows that you’re referring to yourself. Starting your affirmations with these two words will give your subconscious mind clarity and belief that whatever comes after them, IS your reality.

  1. Write your affirmations down

In order to get your affirmations working for you, you need to write them down and actually visualize them. Write them in the present tense, reassuring yourself that you believe your affirmation is factual and real right now.

Your mind sometimes can’t tell the difference between past or future, fake or real, and this is why when you imagine yourself drinking lemon juice, you start producing saliva. Also, when your words are in the present tense, your mind can visualize the image at the same time.

  1. Keep it positive

Avoid words with negative connotations like ‘not to’, ‘don’t, ‘can’t’, ‘fear’, etc. Our minds focus more on these words instead of avoiding them. For example, if I asked you NOT TO think about a blue elephant, your mind will picture a blue elephant even though I asked you not to think about it. Instead of saying ‘I am able to get rid of stage fright’, try saying ‘I am enjoying the excitement of speaking on stage’.

  1. Make it short and clear

Remember that the main purpose of an affirmation is for you to be able to picture it and ingrain it into your mind. So, when creating an affirmation, make it direct and specific.

  1. Make it exciting

When creating affirmations, you want to create positive, self-affirming, self-empowering statements or quotes that uplift and inspire you. So, make sure you add fun and exciting words like, ‘I am ENJOYING making $100,000 a year.’

Remember that consistency is key if you really want to make a positive and lasting change in your life and repeating your affirmations often is the only way to do so.

So…in addition to my weekly affirmations, you might like to add a few of your own.

Remember, consistency and reading them with feeling is the key to success.


“When we are ready to make positive changes in our lives, we attract whatever we need to help us.” – Louise Hay


I am consistently saying my affirmations with deep feeling on a daily basis.

My affirmations are short, clear and exciting.


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