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Confidence-and-Happiness“Putting yourself down is an old habit built on old information.” ~Charlene Proctor

How do you stop negative self talk and build confidence and happiness?  First of all, where does this negative self talk come from?

I recently read an article by Rev. Charlene Proctor, in Aspire Magazine that offered answers to those life transforming questions.

Much of our negative self talk comes from our outdated ideas or dramas from our own past; such as old parental messages…we are not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, or not “cool” enough.  In addition to that, our culture and media advertising can greatly add to our “self-doubts”.  Either or both of these can quickly derail us from our “positive” thoughts… turning them negative.  Those negative feelings and vibrations then attract more negative and unwanted situations.

How can we quickly change our energy around to build confidence and happiness?  Here are some tips:

Recognize disempowering thoughts.  Mainstream thought is often negative and nearly always focuses on problems.  Shift away from negative, self-defeating thoughts by being aware.  Dump those…I’m not beautiful, I’m poor but good, I can’t be happy, life is hard, I will probably fail, things will  never get any better, I’ll never make any money.  Yuk …Yuk…Yuk!  Being aware of what we are thinking is the first step in stopping those disempowering thoughts. Learn to listen to your words, whether they’re in your mind or coming out of your mouth.  Only allow positive thoughts!

Know that thoughts create reality.  Thoughts do create reality.  Our culture is beginning to embrace the power of the mind.  People are learning to rely upon intuition and spirituality as their guide in decision making.  A positive mental attitude is the belief that we can increase our achievement through optimistic thought processes.  A positive mental attitude can be considered a way to approach life. Remember the Law of Attraction?  What you think transfers vibrations into the Universe and the Universe responds by bringing more of the same to you.

Cancel old thoughts and substitute powerful ideas.  Break your self “put down” habit and learn to react differently to life.  The next time you catch yourself in a “put-down”, say out loud, “I cancel that.” And instantly substitute a new and powerful thought about yourself.  Your thoughts, emotions, belief, and physicality are intertwined.  Negative self-talk can make you feel unmotivated and physically ill.  Move your mind to a new way of being.

Choose your own attitude and emotions.  Don’t accept another person’s outlook on life.  Focus your intentions in the present moment.  Because we have choices, our experiences begin in the mind.  Be consciously aware of what you want to create.

Stay away from old memories, past relationships, and hurts.  Attend to the present.  Find joy in what you bring to the world.  Take a deep breath, stay centered, and remind yourself that your presence is a gift.  That’s right…I said you are a gift!  Yes you are.

In the big picture, today is but a blink in time.  You are not permanently stuck in difficult moments.  You can move through them with ease and grace.  Make each day count and quit wasting your energy on negative thoughts, unproductive thinking, and who said that to whom last year.

There is no better way to change your energy than to be thankful.  If you show gratitude for what makes you happy, once again, by the Law of Attraction, the Universe will provide you with more to be thankful for.  Be generous and say thank you to those in your life who care, to your Higher Power, and yourself for being an individual spark of Divine Power.  Your natural state is unlimited abundance, so be thankful for all you are. Be thankful for your journey.


“Practice gratitude” ~Charlene Proctor 

I practice gratitude daily.
I focus on today, not my past.


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    • Isn’t that wonderful…we always seem to get just what we need just at the right time! Funny how that works. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

    • Isn’t it wonderful that what we need seems to come just when we need it? Funny how that works…got to love the Universe.

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