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clarity“We do not see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.”

I have worn contact lenses most of my life. In fact I began wearing them at age 14. Now, I mix them with glasses –when I’ve worn the contacts too many hours each day. I wear them to see more clearly – to gain clarity in my sight.

We also need to gain clarity in our desires before we can bring them to us; both internal and external clarity. A “blurry” desire will take a long time to manifest if it comes at all.

It is very important to be really clear (internally) on the outcome you want to create (externally). If you want a new car, for example, what make, model, new or used, mileage, color…on and on it goes; the more specific, the better. Once you have the specifics, it is essential to connect with the essence (how you will feel when your manifestation arrives).

When you have your new car how will you feel? Totally immerse yourself emotionally in the feeling of driving your new car. Will you feel safe and secure? Financially abundant? Free and happy? Confident and successful? You get the idea – drink in all these emotions (the essence of your desire).

In order to bring the car to you, first take a moment to clarify your intention by deciding how you want to feel – and get into that state of being before you do anything, before you take any action.

Why do you want this car? What impact will this creation have on you….physically as well and emotionally and mentally? What is the next action needed? Feel it, REALLY, REALLY…feel it.

Are your emotions- sending out the vibrations that are aligned with the outcome you want? We will check out ALIGNMENT next week.

“Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


I deeply feel the essence of my desire before it manifests

I take time to bring clarity to my desired manifestation

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