Change: Resist or Embrace?

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“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” ~ Robin Sharma

Change is one of those scary words stating with “C” (like Cancer).  Sooner or later we all deal with the big “C” (Change).  We can resist it or embrace it.  Either way, it still comes, again and again.
In creating the life we want, we want change.  We have already set our intention for change. Even though we want it, we may still resist it.

Why resist something we have asked for?

It may seem simple minded, but, we resist change because we fear loss of control (sharing our creative powers with the Universe). We need to continue to develop Trust with your higher power and the Universe.

There is temporary uncertainty because things seem different, not like they used to be.  We may not be happy with where we are, but…there is fear of what might be coming.   The unknown can be a powerful deterrent to stepping forward. It can also be the old “am I ready, can I really do this?” syndrome.

These feelings of uncertainty, fear and resistance can throw up roadblocks to your momentum.

How to move forward?  Take baby steps!

Focus on the reason why you set your intention for this desired change and feel the essence of how you are going to feel.  Focus on the feeling, the baby steps will come.
Here’s a fun and kind of simple example of my recent “forced” change concerning grocery shopping.

I moved back to Ohio, from Florida, in 2008.  Settling in my new home, I needed to find all the necessities; doctor, vet, shopping mall and yes, a grocery store.

I decided on Giant Eagle. Located about 5 minutes away, with all the bells and whistles, plus FREE gas points.  I love FREE gas!  Grocery shopping has never been a favorite past time, it’s been a chore to be completed.  I did not pay a lot of attention to seeking out the “best” option.  Giant Eagle was the closest, so it was my choice.

So, for the past 8 years, I made my weekly trek to that grocery store.  As years passed, the store began to decline.  They no longer carried some of the products I liked and the service seemed to be trending downhill.  It became a common joke to bet on which cashier was the slowest, while standing in the checkout line.

There was a Kroger’s grocery store about 2 miles down the street, but I stayed with my Giant Eagle, slowly accepting the negative changes.  I was not willing to “embrace” the thought of trying Kroger’s to see if that might be a better option, as many of my friends had suggested. I was resisting.  As we know, when we resist, we can’t receive.

Lo and behold in January of this year, a news story broke that “my” Giant Eagle was closing.  The pharmacy would be closing in late January and the store following in early March. Such a minor change in the whole scheme of life, but it really got to me.  I hated to think about it.

In January I was forced to change pharmacies.  I picked the Kroger’s, 2 miles down the street, as they too had a drive thru service (but it was different!).  I continued to shop at my Giant Eagle, complaining the whole time, still resisting the upcoming closure.

Finally, in late February, I decided to embrace my situation and investigate Kroger’s.  I felt a bit intimidated, not knowing where anything was located.  Kroger’s was twice the size of my tried and true grocery.

As I entered the huge store, I must have looked slightly apprehensive as a lady in produce came right over, smiled, and said, “Welcome to Kroger’s, how may I help you?”

That friendly employee helped break the ice.  I started to walk around to get my bearings.  I discovered that Kroger’s had so much more produce, beautifully arranged and many of my favorites that were no longer at Giant Eagle.

It took a few visits, but now I love it. I shake my head and think, “Why did you wait so long? Why did you resist this wonderful new opportunity?”

By finally embracing my grocery change, I actually look forward to food shopping.  With all the new choices now available to me, I think of it as a fun adventure.  As I embraced the change, I received so many new options.

My grocery “change” may seem very elementary to most life changes, but the principal is the same.  Embrace Change!  Take baby steps to go giant strides.


“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.”  ~ Rachel Wolchin


I embrace change.

I look to change as an adventure and move forward by taking baby steps.

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