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 becomeThoughts become things…choose the good ones”


Last week we talked about the “Law of Attraction” which states “like attracts like”…what we send out to the Universe (our vibrations) comes back to us. If we send out negative…negative comes back. So….it’s important to send out good and positive vibrations.  Remember the Beach Boys song…”Good Vibrations”?  (Now I am dating myself).  There was a lot of truth to that song.  Sending out “good vibrations” to the Universe is the start to bringing good and positive things to you!

To become a Deliberate Creator and design the life you want, you need to knowingly offer your vibrations to the Universe.  Be in control of what you are sending out; choose to focus only on thoughts that feel good (The Law of Deliberate Creation).

How do you do that? Don’t negative thoughts sometimes creep in?  Yes they do…sometimes negative thoughts try to overtake the positive ones.    Pay attention to what you are focusing on, if you notice you are starting to feel bad (worried, anxious, uncomfortable,”butterflies in the stomach”), stop and focus on what you are thinking about.  If it is something you don’t want (like worrying about not having money to pay your bills), don’t beat yourself up.  Thank yourself…because you are never more clear on what you do want as when you are focusing on what you do not want. Contrast brings clarity!

Now that you know what you do want…quickly start thinking about what you want.  That stops the negative vibrations and switches them to positive ones.  Do that switch as quickly as you can, because as “like attracts like”; the longer you stay in the negative focus, the stronger the negativity becomes…the more negative thoughts are attracted.

Think of it as walking into quicksand. You want to get out of that right away.  Don’t wait until you are up to your neck.  It is much harder to get out then.  So it is with negative thoughts and vibrations; switch them to positive as soon as you can. The sooner you can feel the negativity, the easier it is to get out of it and get into deliberating creating what you want.

“Our intention creates our reality”

Wayne Dwyer


I focus on the positive

I am in control of my thoughts

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