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cathy“We want you to make all your decisions about your desires. Our only desire for you is that you discover the way to achieve your desires.”

Earlier this month I participated in the Spring Universal Light Expo, at the Columbus, Ohio Exposition Center. I enjoyed meeting many of you there. There’s my photo next to the “Magical Creation Tree”…and I have a story to share with you that will give you chills, just as it did me.

First, a short intro about the “Magical Creation Tree”. This cool looking, 6 foot, white, linen tree is a variation on the Abraham-Hicks manifesting process called “The Magical Creation Box”.

The idea is to write on a heart shaped “sticky note” whatever you desire. You then stick it on one of the hanging ribbons while saying with true belief and conviction, “What Is On This Tree Is”. Whenever you think of your desire, think positive thoughts, get out of the way (allow), believe and trust the Universe will deliver it to you.

I first featured the “Creation Tree” in my booth at the Expo last fall where I met Sandra; a wonderful, engaging person who gave me permission to share her story. She wrote the following in the response comments section of the 4/23/2105 edition of “Happy Thoughts Thursday – Manifestation”:

“I am so thankful I met you at the light expo. You bring so much light into my life. I just found out that my sister had cancer a few days before I met you. You had a prayer tree that you hung names on. I put her name on that tree and today she is cancer free. Hope to see you again next year in Columbus.”

WOW!!! Whenever I read her response, I literally get chills. That wonderful result was not me; it was Sandra’s belief and trust in the Universe/God to fulfill her intention to bring her sister back to good health.

This once again proves the Universe is a loving, abundant and happy place. I know this, but it stills blows me away when I hear these awesome stories. Sandra, thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.

It works, it really works. Would you like to bring your dreams and desires into reality? Well, starting next week, “Happy Thoughts Thursday” will begin a series focusing on “how to” get started… Don’t miss this; it could really change your life. See ya next week…Let’s get ready to rock!

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer



I believe in my dreams and am ready to start living them.
I am committed to learning how to attain my desires.

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