Are you Getting What You Want?

January 25, 2018 by

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” – Maya Angelou

Are you getting what you want?

We all know about the Law of Attraction. How our thoughts are energy and become vibrations going out into the Universe like little magnets attracting other like energy. So, what we think about we bring to us. Like attracts like, right?

Well then, why doesn’t it work? Or…why doesn’t it work all the time? What are we missing?

Life Coach, Patricia Young ( offers some reasons why we don’t always get what we want and how to better work with the Law of Attraction

    1. We’re not making the decision– We might be setting intentions, even visualizing it, but we’re not making the “I’m all in” decision. A decision has the “No Matter What” factor that will activate a very powerful shift to the energy that you bring into everything you do. Bear in mind that the lack of decision (staying stuck in indecision) is also a decision, and it can come from not having enough confidence in yourself.


    1. We’re not taking responsibility– Responsibility is a choice and it is the biggest key to freedom. It requires great courage to take responsibility for your life. You are responsible for your own life, your decisions, your emotions, your health, your growth, and every result you get.


    1. Deep down we don’t believe we’re worthy– Our sense of self-worth is directly related to how we feel about ourselves, and this will determine the decisions we make and if we truly believe that what we want is possible for us. The more confidence we have and the more we believe that we’re worthy of having it all in life, the greater our ability to live the life we want.


    1. We’re not being consistent in taking action– You think and talk about what you want, but you’re not consistent when it comes to taking inspired and aligned actions. Take that first baby step and kick fear to the curb! Make a plan to take at least one simple step every day. Collect evidence that you can have it all, and you will feel more inspired.


    1. We’re not taking different risks– If we haven’t gotten the results we want, we need to look for the lesson, and take different risks. Taking different risks will always bring growth. When you challenge yourself, you grow. If you dream of living your life in a big way, you must accept risk taking as a very real part of the process. Failing will never make you a failure, unless you decide to quit.


To start getting what you want on a more consistent basis, just relax, be “all in”, take responsibility, believe you are worthy and deserving, be consistent and be willing to take some risks. Most of all trust in yourself and trust in your creating partner, the Universe.

Happy Creating!

“To get what you want, stop doing what isn’t working.”


I am totally responsible for my life.

I am worthy to receive all that I desire.


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