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animalOur beloved pets can keep is in touch with the oneness that is Nature and Divinity . All this and a whole lot of chuckles.” ~Marion Woodman

Like many of you, I love animals, especially dogs. That’s my photo above with Leo, one of my 2 collies. I am rarely more than a few feet away from fur. In fact, dog hair is known as the “new condiment” in my house.

I have grown up with animals. I’ve been told that Mom and Dad bought our 1st collie, Bonnie, when I was just 2 years old. The story goes that I ran up to the puppy pen and stuck my hand in so fast it nearly gave Mom a heart attack. Of course all the puppies came a running…and “Bonnie” was the one who starting liking my hand, so home she came with us that day.

Animals, of all varieties, are great companions in our lives. They teach us love, and care for us even if we may not be so caring at times. They feed our souls and always give us unconditional love.

Animals are beyond simply affectionate property, but actually spiritual guides, capable of genuine spiritual friendship, and carriers of nature’s experiences and ecstatic joy. If you have ever had a bad day (and who hasn’t) it suddenly gets better as you open the door and are greeted by that tail wagging fur ball.

Here’s a wonderful saying I keep on my desk, I thought you would enjoy…from


Everyone needs a spiritual guide

Mine is my dog

He has great wisdom to impart

He makes friends easily

And doesn’t hold a grudge

He enjoys simple pleasures

And takes each day as it comes

Like a true Zen Master

He eats when he is hungry

And sleeps when he is tired

And best of all

Be befriends me with an

Unconditional love

That human beings

Would do well to imitate


Here’s to all our furry friends…Thank You for sharing our lives.

“Human and nonhuman animals have in common that they are a combination of body and spirit –biological forms animated by spiritual beings or essences.” ~Penelope Smith


I love, appreciate and respect all animals

I share a Divine connection with my animals                                                                                            

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