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“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”.

Learning is growing. Two of my most recent teachers and mentors are above; Lisa Nichols and Christy Whitman. I am so appreciative of their teachings, love and support as I near the completion of a 9- month mentorship with them, spending 2 days in Carlsbad, CA last month at a Mastermind Intensive at Lisa’s home. I signed up to participate in this mentorship to grow my coaching expertise and build my business. But, truth be told, I grew just as much personally as professionally. It’s such a wonderful, positive feeling of growing and learning.

I guess I have always been a seeker and lover of learning, having been blessed that school usually came easy for me (except math and chemistry). The social part came the easiest, as I was constantly reminded by my teachers. My love of learning continues. I think in part because I get bored easily, always needing a project.

Throughout the years I have become certified as a Dog Trainer and (don’t laugh) a Bartender. I can still make a mean cosmopolitan. I have taken all sorts of classes in addition to my coaching training. For me learning is in my blood. Learning is life.

A few weeks ago, I was at my Doctor’s with flu symptoms. I have been with my Doctor for over a decade and we were chatting about growing older (I turned 70 this August – OMG, I can hardly believe that!) and what the future may bring health-wise.

I watched my Mom struggle with the onset of dementia near the end (at age 97) and was concerned if that might also be my fate. My Doctor laughed and replied, “Cathy, you don’t have time for dementia, with all your coaching, teaching, writing and speaking, you are keeping your mind sharp. That’s one health concern that you don’t have to worry about.”

That got me to thinking, does continuous leaning really have benefits? Turns out it really does.

An article from Raphael Husbands states that, ‘the habit of continuous learning will keep your mind sharp and your skills fresh. Constantly learning will keep your brain from going dull. It will keep you in a state of readiness. The same way that your body needs regular exercise, so does your brain. The habit of continuous learning will keep you feeling young well into your 80’s and 90’s.” adds that “engaging in mentally stimulating activities on a regular basis reduces the occurrence of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia as well as depression and lethargy”. Continuous learning also leads to confidence as knowing breeds competence.

So today, let’s all decide to learn something new and fun. Your future will thank you.



“Learn continually – there’s always one more thing to learn!”


This will be the last print version of Happy Thoughts. As of 3/8/18 Happy Thoughts goes VIDEO!

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You can also see the Happy Thoughts videos on my new “Cathy Brown” YouTube channel as of 3/8/18.

It is true…” Always Learning – Always Growing”. Come grow with me.


I learn something new every day.

I enjoy learning and sharing my knowledge to help.


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