Alignment – Momentum

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving forward.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

Alignment – Momentum

May I share with you my thoughts on Alignment – Momentum and how it is essential for your success in life? Essential in you moving forward? That’s the operative word move FORWARD…and how many of us…are in the state of “Fixin’ To”.

Think of Alignment – Momentum as a baseball team. Alignment is the pitcher. Momentum is the batter. Alignment throws the pitch – but if the batter doesn’t move…doesn’t swing – nothing happens, right? But…if the batter is ready, confident, all systems go attitude… and swings…the ball can be hit out of the park – Home Run – or at least getting on base.

Alignment – Momentum – they are a team.

Here’s how it works for me…Before I do anything…talk to a client…write a presentation…even go to the grocery store, I set my intention and ask the Universe for support.

For example, before each coaching session, I take a few deep breaths, visualize my heart opening up…kind of like a flower opening, I usually think of a rose (that was my Mom’s favorite flower), and say to the Universe, (to myself or even sometimes out loud) …Universe, please speak through me…so that I may help guide (my client’s name). Help me to be confident, compassionate, knowledgeable and feel that I am doing all that I can do to serve and at the conclusion of the session, I want to feel that I nailed it! Then, and only then do I pick up the phone and call my client.

Before you take any action and start the momentum, you need to take a minute to ASK for help and support. Because the Universe – can’t just jump in (maybe once in a while for an emergency) …but generally no…because of the FREE WILL thing.

O.K. Now you have centered yourself, and asked the Universe to help and support your actions. And we all do that pretty well…

Next step – and here is where we may have a bit of trouble…next step is Momentum, taking action, moving forward. Momentum is the swinging of the bat.

Momentum is taking action – doing something – it doesn’t even have to be something that is directly related to what you want to manifest. Just take some action – some movement forward, so that the Universe knows you are serious about your intention and can start giving you inspired thoughts, send opportunities and people in your path to help you along the way.

Let’s say…your intention is to find a new and loving relationship. If you just sit there in alignment, like a guru or monk on a mountain top…you’ll feel great…sitting there in your saffron robes… BUT no relationship…because there is no action. You probably will not enter into a relationship, unless you are wanting to start something with the mailman.


Maybe go out with friends or join a group that you have a passion for so you are focusing on the passion not desperately seeking a mate.

Way back in the day, when I was in High School, I joined a rifle club because the guy I had a crush on was into shooting. Not one of my best decisions. I didn’t get the guy, but I won a shooting glove at a contest that I really had no use for…since I quit the club as soon as I realized my fantasy boyfriend already had a girlfriend. So…join a group that you are excited about and have a real interest in. That is real action…the momentum is building.

In any desire/intention, first specifically state your request, ask the Universe for help and support and second, take some ACTION.

Some of us have trouble with that action step…

We are great at getting ready… We think we have it all together…Alignment and Ready for action. Universe says…O.K. Let’s go…I am here and ready to support you…Let’s go…

But, we seem to be stuck. Oh yeah, we talk a good game…but, we seem to be in a state of “Fixin’To”. Maybe we are scared, needing to have more prep time or research, maybe we don’t feel worthy or confident or deserving…whatever the reason…we are in a state of “Fixin To”.

Next week we are going to tackle “Fixin To” with a full explanation, including a personal story about how I stumbled on the term and how to bust through it. Stay tuned!

“The closer you are to alignment with what you want, the calmer it feels.” ~ Abraham-Hicks


Before taking action, I sit quietly state my intention and ask the Universe for support

The Universe is on my winning team


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